10 MMORPG games for iOS and Android that you can play right now

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Hello mobile gamers and viewers AppTime channel… On rainy days, it is difficult to get together with friends in nature, so I will tell you about mobile MMORPG games: you can sleep in them with loved ones or just random people. We will go through both the classics of the genre and completely new projects that have not really managed to get to the CIS yet.

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Albion Online

Nine years ago, the Albion Online developers set themselves two goals: to create a cool sandbox and to bring the game to most platforms. Many years have been spent on improving the mechanics, and only now can mobile gamers happily exclaim: “Finally!” The version for smartphones has been slightly modified to make it easier to play on touch screens; this includes, for example, an improved interface. You can not only farm or check an auction on the go, but also fully participate in dungeons, raids and PvP arenas.

My impressions are: A for the diligence, but the result is a little disappointing. The thing is that the interface is full of all kinds of buttons, and the text is difficult to read on smartphones with a small diagonal. Quests at the initial location are basic: make a pickaxe, get ore and report on the results. Of course, if you have killed a lot of time in Albion Online, then the mobile release will only be a plus, but this is the same “breakthrough” as Warhammer: Odyssey; about her a little later.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

If Genshin Impact has achieved worldwide fame, then others will follow in her footsteps. This is exactly what can be said about the new mobile MMO called Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. It has anime graphics for which Studio Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki) is responsible, and the gameplay meets all the standards of anime projects with an open world. We switch between characters during the battle to inflict increased damage to enemies, and we are also looking for treasures and materials for pumping in nearby locations.

On June 8 and 10, the project is launched in Southeast Asia, while nothing is known about the global release. Some people say that the game will only run on 64-bit chipsets, so be sure to update your horse. Note that Cross Worlds has auto-functions, for example, the character himself runs after the local wisp, because there is nothing about quests. The graphics at maximum speed are cool, but we have already seen this in Breath of the Wild and the same Genshin. Following!

Lineage 2: Revolution

Where can you go without your beloved Lineage? This is an isometric MMO, which seems to be a continuation of the PC version, but many disagree with this statement. Let’s figure it out: here is the automatic completion of quests, as well as an interface that is spammed with different icons. Plus, the player practically does not participate in the local attraction for pumping out money. During battles, numbers with damage and healing appear on the screen, which is more reminiscent of Devil May Cry.

Even at high levels, the whole gameplay boils down to beating up a bunch of lizards in armor. Let’s hope there is no Zuckerberg among them. As for the reviews, everything is not simple here: even though the game has 4.2 stars out of 5, the top comments are not so rosy. Gamers point to a hard donation, as well as long downloads at each entrance. Now imagine that you flew out during a siege and you need to quickly re-enter. This trick won’t work.

Dragon raja

“Be whoever you like, play whatever you like” is the motto of Dragon Raja. Let’s check it in practice: at the start we are greeted by the anime style again. The character can be slightly tweaked to suit your needs, but don’t expect the same editor as in The Sims. The graphics and voice acting are reminiscent of the first Fable on the Xbox, with the lips and facial expressions of the NPC not matching the text. Our character is humiliated left and right, but he can only sigh languidly and groan indifferently.

At the same time, users note a good fight and a combination of magic with technology in one world. And even if Dragon Raja has its pluses, then all good things end sooner or later, especially in F2P games – after reaching level 35, you will be constantly reminded that you need to pump to continue the plot. You also have to hang out in the dungeons. After raising the 50th level, hands fall even for those who gave this project a chance.

A3: Still Alive

Now let’s move on to a darker game, namely A3: Still Alive. Although at first glance it may seem that it does not differ from the same Lineage, and its popularity is less, but still I have something to tell you about. First, there is a dark setting, so expect an invasion of demons; this is just such a Diablo at minimum salaries. Every day there are a variety of modes that are played alone (dungeons), and in a group or even in a guild. Here you can take part in battles with a world boss, reflect attacks together with allies, or compete with an entire server, destroying more difficult enemies. The higher the difficulty level, the better the reward.

At the same time, one should not think that Still Alive is qualitatively different from other similar projects. No, this is the same MMO with auto-combat, isometric gameplay, battle pass and guild leveling. The character does everything for you, so you can go to YouTube or even open another game, and leave this in the background. In general, everything is in order with the quality, but there are no advantages from independent play. The project will go to very busy people.

Perfect World Mobile: The Beginning

In addition to Lineage, the CIS community once “flowed” over Perfect World. Well, a year ago we were one of the last to get the mobile version (hello, Pokemon Go). Here we have three races to choose from: zoomorphs, humans and seeds; you can choose a gender for almost every class; the look of the character is fine-tuned before starting. The leveling up is fast despite the fact that the developers are constantly increasing the cap. And if you are a beginner or returning after a long absence, you can give out a bonus for gaining experience. Improving the character is trivial: we go to dungeons with unlucky random people for a chance at normal gear, and we also sharpen weapons, armor and accessories. All this is done with an eye to your class and your needs.

From the bad, we can note the inventory and menus, which seem to have been taken from the early 2000s: square frames, icons and Russian text that does not fit. Donat is tolerable, although you can get tasty goodies for it, for example: rare armor, stones for improving equipment and currency. Of course, the developers added guilds and the struggle for territories. Some classes perform better than others: mages and other ddd feel great in PvP arenas, because no one can run up to them. The conclusion is this: the project is interesting, it came to me, but the new generation of gamers is unlikely to like this.

Warhammer: odyssey

I already mentioned Warhammer: Odyssey at the beginning of this video, now you have to tell the truth. If you remember the time before the release of the game, then everyone shouted with one voice: “This is the first MMORPG according to the western standard!”. Everyone was waiting for some kind of revolution in the genre of mobile games, but they got a bald cat in a poke. There are six classes to choose from, for each you can choose a gender and slightly change your appearance. On quests you have to stomp your feet, they give out a meager amount of experience and currency. After reaching level 10, you can choose a specialization; there is also a branch of talents, but this is purely for the sake of appearance: all the same, everyone will swing by the guides. By the way, stat points are also given for leveling up. Remember the original Fallout and The Elder Scrolls? So Odyssey is made according to old school precepts.

Now let’s talk about the experience: it sounds pretty cool, at least it’s not a clone of other mobile MMOs. It turns out that in practice this does not work on smartphones either. Sometimes I get the impression that the developers have spent a long time in the forest and they are completely out of touch with reality. After all, long battles with one mob with a high probability of flying off or sitting in a corner for a few minutes and drinking potions is masochism. Why can’t you do something of your own, but at the same time for everyone? Here you need to collect a huge party in order to simply close the left quest, because the mobs take a long time to cut, and one quietly has up to five players. This is not progress, ladies and gentlemen, but regression.

Gate of mobius

If Ni no Kuni is an alternative to Genshin Impact, then Gate of Mobius is something like Honkai Impact. That is, this is an anime gacha without an open world, where we go through linear levels for rare characters. Besides the plot, there is an arena, so there is not much content. Graphics settings can be adjusted for your device, only some still talk about visible pixels. The game has auto-guidance, so you just need to squeeze the skills. Gradually, we are pumping heroes, this is done with the help of rare equipment. After the first level, we are immediately greeted by waifu, but this will not save this project.

If you haven’t heard about Gate of Mobius before, then this is logical – in the App Store the game received an average rating of 3.6 stars out of 5. Yes, and they put them five cripples who complain about the lack of Russian language, crashes and “wry-eyed” graphics … The last update came out one month ago, so there is an opinion that the project will be closed, like Bless Mobile.


There is an opinion that if you make a mobile MMO on the Unreal Engine 4, then all the problems will be solved. Talion proves the opposite – although this game is made on the same technologies as Black Desert Mobile, only in the general impression it is something close to Lineage 2: Revolution. At the very beginning, you need to choose one of two factions: Aegis or Two-prong. Next comes the choice of classes: there are only three of them, while only one of them has a male character. For a warrior it is easier than others to play, but in PvP he will ask for mercy, so we take a mage – “pokes” from him come from behind the screen, plus this class can be healed.

If we talk about feedback from the community, here again opinions differ: the average rating is 4 stars out of 5, but again everything depends on donation and auto-battles. If you go into dungeons and arenas with random randomness, you will often be defeated. Someone generally advises not to download games from the publisher GAMEEVIL, because he scores on them after half a year. The graphics are boring, as I have already mentioned, but there is no zest of their own.

Blade & Soul Revolution

For sweetness, I left one Asian MMORPG that will definitely suit you – this is Blade & Soul Revolution. Yes, this is not a direct copy of the PC version and it has the same disadvantages as other representatives of this genre. But everything was done at a more professional level; what are only cut-scenes that reveal the plot and make you worry about random characters. The graphics are on a level, the content is pouring in like a river, but at the same time you do not drown in this variety. In Blade & Soul, you constantly want to get better, find a cool item, sharpen it up a level and go pee in PvP modes.

Although there is PvE content here, most of the bias goes to battles with other players. Some, by the way, talk about kneading, which lasted several hours. This applies to factional wars, where you need to control the territory and capture valuable resources, bringing points to your team. If you do not like large-scale battles, then you can always fight in the arena in a 2v2 format. I really liked it all and you hear similar words from a person who loathes PvP in the same World of Warcraft.

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