10 most anticipated games of April 2021 on Android and IOS

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There are so many mobile games released every month that your head starts spinning. If you also have, then I made a selection of the best mobile phones for April. These are premium strategy games, arcade games from long-gone studios, Asian MMORPGs, cooperative horror games and unusual board games. If you want to look at the best games for the outgoing March, then go here. Go.


If you like thoughtful strategies, then this project is worth paying attention to. We choose clans, each of which has advantages: someone trades, while others live to fight. To create a settlement, we collect resources with the help of farm laborers, build Viking warriors, and so on. In general, a typical Warcraft III. The map is built of hexes, so wave your hand to Civilization VI. Steep places are guarded by dragons, giants and other evil spirits. By the way, in one of the clans it is necessary to constantly sacrifice slaves in order to receive nishtyaks. Management is optimized for touch screens, but it is better to stock up on a large diagonal.

Blade & Soul 2

There is not much information on this game: the developers feed us CGI trailers. Now we know the following: there will be a dynamic switching between enemies. If the trailers are made on the engine, then the graphics are cool, will compete with Lineage 2M. The battles with local bosses are reminiscent of some kind of hardcore game: they are slow, clumsy and if they hit, then to the death. We will most likely be sharpening items, going on raids and participating in large-scale PvP mixes. Blade & Soul Revolution did not disappoint in this regard. Note that the release of the second part will take place in South Korea, so create an account there for yourself.

Darkfire heroes

Remember Rovio? These are the guys who once rode out on the Angry Birds franchise, but then slipped away. So, they continue their business, only now with Darkfire Heroes. There are two modes here: campaign and PvP arena. Vertical gameplay, no-name knights, magicians and archers, as well as an energy indicator have not gone anywhere. Before the start of the fight, we collect a group of heroes. The theme is this: heroes go up, destroying enemies on their way. Character animation looks like hello from some 2015. If you need a comparison by setting: remember Clash Royale.


If you like jRPGs, this is the place for you. This is a typical gacha, where we will save up for rare heroes, collect them in groups and send them to the battlefield. The gameplay is vertical, which immediately suggests: “How much donation is there?” The battles are turn-based, but their speed can be increased by four times. Each fight is several waves. There is a plot, a lot of fan service for the fans. If you did not go through the previous parts, then you can give the key points from them. Useful buffs are obtained like this: judges (NPCs) vote to give or not give us any bonuses. If the majority is in favor, then we get them; otherwise, try your luck next time.

Secret neighbor

The publisher tinyBuild continues to delight mobile gamers with its ports; this time we get Secret Neighbor. This is a cooperative horror game where children enter a neighbor’s house and try to collect all the keys to open the basement. But one of your comrades is a traitor, so be on your guard. In the trailer, the children are shown defenseless, but you shouldn’t think so: they have a lot of items, even a gun, to resist the vicious Neighbor.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Here’s another auto-butler on the way. The rules are the same: we collect a huge group of heroes and send them on assignments. The plot is divided into missions, there you need to collect three stars. This is done through quests. PvP encounters promise in real time. We and the enemy can cast buffs and debuffs, sometimes counterattacking each other’s attacks. The most annoying buff is invulnerability. As for me, the fights for this genre are protracted. Get ready to craft runes and farm with rare characters.

Machinika Museum

This game is suitable for those who like to solve puzzles like The Room. In the story, we are working in a museum where artifacts of alien civilizations are located. The only thing is that they are broken, they need to be repaired. At some point, we receive one of these artifacts, but without instructions, and we need to pass it urgently. The developers promise intricate puzzles, a mysterious atmosphere and approximately two to four hours to complete.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead returns to smartphones again, now in the form of yet another mobile strategy game. Players will build plantations, shelters and fight the walking dead. We are promised familiar characters, only their in-game models, and the gameplay itself, look like from YouTube ads (you know what I mean). The gameplay is vertical, at the very beginning we go through training (we are being held by the handle), and we also find rare characters. That is, it is a gacha + strategy.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

This project should, if not explode the April charts, then at least give hope for normal projects in the Warhammer universe. This is a real strategy like XCOM. This is a port from older platforms, which already says a lot: if the strategy was not initially sharpened for smartphones, then everything will be fine. Players will control the army of the Imperium on the open planet of the Necrons. We need to customize the squad and control the tech-priests. Those have only one phrase: “The flesh is weak!”. This means we’ll be upgrading them to look like Marvel’s futuristic Scorpion at the end. The plot is spelled out, each character has its own character and motivation.

Fallen of the round

The last game on our list is somewhat similar to Fantasian. These are two RPGs with turn-based battles, but what unites them is the real or almost real environment. You see, if in Fantasian (also released in April) we manage virtual models with a real environment, then in Fallen of the Round everything is virtual, but the enemies and our squad are made like 3D chips from board games. Before the start of the fight, we place the heroes and then direct their attack with our arm in armor. If everything is done correctly, then the enemies will not hurt everyone. In general, if you are missing the tabletop RPG, then you are here.

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