14-year-old domestic esportsman ruined his career in Fortnite because of “mother”

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Fortnite has hosted a series of tournaments where millions of dollars in prize money were awarded. But our compatriot deprived his own team of a chance for big money and, possibly, a professional career.

We are talking about the “FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6” tournament for “triplets”, which started in mid-April and ended last weekend. In Europe, the prize pool was US $ 1.35 million and in North America it was US $ 1 million. These are lucrative tournaments that take place over 6 weeks and where young professionals have a chance to prove themselves.

The 14-year-old esportsman from Russia played there under the nickname 97Default. The hero of the story reached the final with his team from the small French esports organization Luminox Esports, but just before the match he sent a mad and hated message to the other team. In it, he spoke insultingly about the mother of one of the participants and about his father.

After a while, the correspondence was made public and the team was disqualified right before the start of the match. The player himself later apologized for his remarks and referred to a lot of pressure. He could not control his feelings and succumbed to anger.

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