2021 PUBG Updates Plan Announced

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The developers of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have published an update plan detailing the changes in the game in 2021. The project will receive a patch with visual improvements to the Miramar map, events in cooperation with El Solitario (European motorcycle brand), a limited-time racing mode and much more.

The main innovations and their release time:

  • The Miramar map will be updated on PC on June 2 and on consoles on June 10. This will take place for the first time since 2019 and the patch will make it better with KRAFTON technologies. The latter have already been used in the creation of Paramo and Haven.
  • A fresh location will appear in the game under the name “Codename: Tiger”. Its release is scheduled for Q3 2021 and battles will unfold there in 8×8 format. They promise that there will be new features that players have come to expect from the new PUBG maps. It will also be allowed to return to battle after the first death.
  • Another new card will be released in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. Battles at the location “Codename: Kiki” will also take place with the participation of 16 people (8×8). The design of the battlefield is planned in the most diverse: mysterious underground laboratories, massive skyscrapers, swamps, underwater structures and much more.
  • New content in the form of popular off-road bikes and themed outfits… It will be produced in collaboration with El Solitario and will be released gradually from June 1 to December 30 this year.
  • Time-limited racing mode. Its action will unfold on the Miramar map, and it will become available on June 2-14 for PC and June 10-21 on consoles. There are two types of races planned: solo and squad (4 players).
  • Other content, such as: a new ranked 12th season, a system for improving weapon skins, a new weapon – the Lynx rifle, a new vehicle – an ATV and a lobbyball – are expected simultaneously with the updated Miramar map on June 2 and June 10 for consoles.

Below you can see a video with a story about all the innovations of the summer PUBG patch number 12.1:

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