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2124 cheaters received Infinite ban

The authors of the extraction shooter Arena Breakout: Infinite spoke about the first results in the fight against cheaters and violators of the rules of the game. In total, during the first week of beta testing of the PC version of the game, 2,124 accounts were banned, including both cheat users and players who purposefully played with cheaters.

“Over the past week, our anti-fraud team has detected and stopped over 10 memory-related cheats, 2 VT cheats and over 10 DMA cheats. A total of 2,124 accounts were banned for ten years.”

According to the developers, the team is well aware of the importance of a fair game for all players and that is why it adheres to a zero-tolerance policy towards all violators. Arena Breakout: Infinite has already implemented a real-time blocking policy, and all suspicious accounts and their actions are checked by the anti-cheat team. In addition, players are encouraged to report any suspicious activity by other players in order to create a fair gaming environment.

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