4 ways to get cards in KARDS

Picture 1 4 ways to get cards in KARDS

KARDS is an exciting online strategy card game accessible to anyone in the world.

When you play, you take command and fight with other players in grand-scale combat on the ground, sea, or air.

The foundation of the KARDS are cards, which come in different types.

There are:

  • Units which represent a deployable element on the battlefield,
  • Orders which provoke a one-time action,
  • Countermeasures used to cancel opponents’ Orders.

Consequently, your card deck is a combination of military Units, Orders, and Countermeasures that support your battle efforts and assist you in winning (or losing).

It is you who craft your deck and develop it to make it powerful. Therefore, the content of your deck is strictly dependable on what you believe to be a winning strategy.

Nevertheless, in order to build up your deck and start winning, you need various cards representing Units, Orders, and Countermeasures.

At first, you get the basic package of cards, which you should develop by combining different cards in the game. Currently, there are around 350 different cards in KARDS.

The question is then – how do you get cards in KARDS?

1# MillionPugs way

image 4 ways to get cards in KARDS

The MillionPugs way is an outside-game option that requires minimal effort, and time.

The idea is that you shop online, collect rewards points called pugs, and you exchange these points for valuable in-game content for KARDS, and other popular games.

Once you create a MillionPugs account, you have access to offers from over 1000 affiliated brands that equip you with pugs™ in exchange for finalizing transactions at their stores.

For example:

  1. You purchase a T-shirt at Answear or an electronic gadget at Aliexpress.
  2. You can get a certain number of pugs™ and additional credits (100 for every transaction).
  3. Both pugs™ and credits land on your account.
  4. Once you collect a sufficient number of pugs™, or credits, you can easily exchange them for KARDS content.
  5. You activate the purchased content in the game.

Currently, MillionPugs offers in-game content for various games, such as World of Warships, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, or KARDS.

As for KARDS, in exchange for pugs™ and credits, you can get:

  • Base Packs,
  • Breakthrough Officer Packs,
  • Legions Officer Packs,
  • Allegiance Packs,
  • special World at War set that introduces 7 new unique cards, and 18 cards in total for your set.

Apart from the effortless and quick MillionPugs method, the game allows you to equip yourself with cards in a few ways.

2# In-game rewards

First of all, cards can be granted as rewards for:

  • completing daily missions,
  • getting daily first win,
  • national progression XP.

What is more, when you start playing KARDS, each day in the first week you earn daily rewards, which can be cards, or gold.

3# Crafting cards

image 1 4 ways to get cards in KARDS

Another in-game method of building up your deck in KARDS is crafting cards which you can perform using Wild cards.

Wild cards are like crafting tokens. You can use them to:

  • create cards from your collection,
  • create any card in the game using the “Show all” option.

If you have a Wild card, you can simply click on “create card” and choose the card you want to craft.

For example, if you have a Standard wild card, you can create another Standard card from any faction.

4# Purchase card packs with real money

Last but not least, you can boost your deck in KARDS by purchasing card packs for real money.

It is not the most affordable option to get cards in the long-run. Nevertheless, if you need an express and effortless way of strengthening your deck, purchasing a card pack is always an available option.

Summing up, cards are the foundation of KARDS and they are the essence of your strategy. It is crucial then, to attentively build up your card collection, optimize the content, and use cards wisely on the battlefield to win battles.

KARDS allows you to get cards as rewards for daily missions or daily first wins, or by crafting cards using Wild cards. Nevertheless, you can also opt for more effortless options, such as using the MillionPugs browser extension, or purchasing card packs with real money.

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