5 Most Popular Video Game Genres

image 5 Most Popular Video Game Genres

People who do not have a lot of experience playing video games often wonder why the hobby is so popular.

When they see others playing games on their phone, in front of the television, or on their computer, they may wonder why everyone is so engrossed in what is happening on the screen.

One of the reasons why table games online and other video games are so popular is because there are so many options out there for gamers. Unlike other hobbies, the diversity of options in gaming means that you can easily find a game that is playable on your device of choice and that matches your tastes.
Below are the top five most popular video game genres in the world in 2022.

1. First-Person Shooters

Perhaps the most popular type of video game played in the world, the first-person shooter is an incredibly simple style of gaming that anyone can enjoy once they get the hang of the controls. First-person shooter titles can be played on consoles, computers, and smartphones, depending on the gamer’s preferences for using a controller, keyboard, and mouse, or a touchscreen to handle the controls.

Popular franchises and titles in this genre include Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Crysis, Half-Life, Far Cry, and many more. These are games that millions of people around the world enjoy, while new versions usually come out every few years with added weapons, maps, and game modes.

2. Casino and Card Games

The worldwide passion for casino and card games goes back thousands of years. Games such as poker are worldwide phenomena, which is why their video game alternatives are also loved by the masses

If you want to play blackjack, roulette, Uno, Risk, Monopoly, or any such board, card, or casino game, you can easily find a title on your smartphone, console, or computer that fits the bill.

These games are getting more interesting in recent years, as changes to regulations mean that many games can now allow players to put real money on the line when they are playing.

image 1 5 Most Popular Video Game Genres

3. Sports Games

The sports titles that you can buy to play on your console, computer, or smartphone are the most frequently released titles among video game genres. Most sports game franchises, such as FIFA, Madden and NBA 2K, release a new game every year.

The reason sports titles come out every year is because they are based on real competitions around the world. The FIFA series of games recreates soccer competitions in Europe and other parts of the world, while the Madden series allows players to simulate being an American football player.

Sports titles often make a great deal of money for video game studios, as they also include micro-transactions to buy in-game content. Franchises such as FIFA and Madden have separate game modes, where you can create your “ultimate team” full of real-life players that you buy using in-game currency or rewards that you receive for winning matches.

4. Action-Adventure and Story Games

A hugely popular genre of video games is the action-adventure and story genre. These are games where you are usually playing as a single character, or a group of characters, and you have a long mission that you must complete.

These games can also have sub-genres, such as crime, espionage, military warfare, sci-fi, and much more. The basic premise of a title in the action-adventure and story genre is that you must have titular characters that you follow throughout the story.

Popular examples of such games include the Zelda series, along with Uncharted on the PlayStation console. There are also games based on popular books and movies, such as the lengthy series of Lord of the Rings video games.

image 2 5 Most Popular Video Game Genres

5. Racing Games

Another extremely popular genre for video games is racing. You can often find racing titles at the top of the best-seller lists in countries such as the United States, the UK, and other parts of the world. People love to play racing titles, as it reminds them of getting behind the wheel of a car and going as fast as possible.

There are also so many popular racing series that have games, such as IndyCar, Nascar, Formula One, MotoGP, and much more. You can also find racing series that are more about simulation, as they attempt to make the game as close to driving a real-life car as possible.

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