5 reasons why The Lord of the Rings is the top franchise for gamers

60 years after Tolkien’s publication of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it still remains the yardstick for other stories about the struggle between good and evil. The author managed to create a lively and complex world, where each race, character and location has its own background.

About 20 years have passed since Peter Jackson made three Lord of the Rings films. Since then, video game developers have been adapting the universe for PCs, consoles and smartphones. For example, the latest and rather impressive title is The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War. Let’s take a look at why Tolkien’s classics remain a must-have for fantasy aficionados.

The Lord of the Rings inspired a generation of authors

Many tried to imitate Tolkien’s works, but director Peter Jackson chose the Lord of the Rings for his trilogy. He managed to shoot a blockbuster, although before that everyone thought that it was impossible to transfer such a vast world to the screens. It got to the point that movies, not books, became the starting point in Middle-earth for many.

Battles must be epic

The Jackson Trilogy was created during the explosive development of CGI, which helped make battles more epic and realistic. If the director had decided to shoot something like this five years earlier, then he would have failed. Moreover, Peter Jackson managed to combine large-scale battles, the storyline of minor characters and Sam’s campaign with Frodo in order to destroy the Ring of Omnipotence.

Memorable characters

If we were not worried about the fate of the heroes of Middle-earth, then their adventures would have gone unnoticed. Fortunately, Tolkien’s world is filled with faces like Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and of course Gandalf. Moreover, the heroes represent different factions, which often howl among themselves. And most importantly, even minor characters can greatly influence the fate of the local world.

The locations are mesmerizing

When New Line Cinema gave Peter Jackson the green light to shoot The Lord of the Rings, the director chose New Zealand as Middle Earth. He made such a decision due to the fact that he himself came from there, plus the local untouched nature was very suitable for Tolkien’s universe. Jackson was able to convey everything from the Plains of Rohan to the volcanic wasteland of Mordor.

You can visit Middle-earth yourself

This December marks 20 years since The Lord of the Rings hit theaters. But progress does not stand still and now you can yourself take part in the key events of this franchise, for example, by downloading the game The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War… You will become a warlord who builds an army, a huge castle, forges contacts with allies and sends a huge army in search of the Ring of Omnipotence. Which do you choose: good or evil? The answer can be found in the game itself, by downloading it through typical markets or Galaxy Store

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