5 stylish themes for MIUI 12 that will make your Xiaomi completely different

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Although MIUI already has quite a nice interface, sometimes you still want to try a slightly more colorful, thematic or austere design. Today’s collection contains themes for Xiaomi for every tastethat allow you to move away from the characteristic style of the company’s own interface

Themes for MIUI 12

Of course, keep in mind that you need to change the region of your Redmi, Xiaomi or POCO in order to install some of these themes. The best option is India… But after you’ve downloaded and installed your chosen theme, you can change the settings back to your normal region again.

1. Glass 4 | Download
Glass 4 Is a pretty colorful theme. This wallpaper has a psychedelic, modern and fun look. The Device Control Center also wins in this color scheme.

Applications do not undergo much changes. But the clock widget takes on a platinum gradient that makes it appear on the lock screen. You can install this theme to any device with MIUI 12.

2. Saffron 4 | Download
For those looking for a simple yet very stylish theme, Saffron 4is probably the best option. This is also a colorful theme, but it differs from the previous one in that its colors stand out against a black background.

And clock widget and control center take on colors and gradientsthat make them more visible. In the meantime, labels are getting more modern. So this theme is perfect for a younger audience. It is compatible with devices running MIUI 12.

3. Source Color Pro | Download
IN Source Color Pro there are three different types of lock screen. You can opt for a blank display, while the other two have widgets and shortcuts in different areas of the screen.

In terms of appearance, the theme offers black wallpaper with sequins and flowerswhich give it a stylish and modern look. The control center, in turn, remains minimalistic. You can download this theme on devices with MIUI 12.

4. MI AUI | Download
When it comes to beautiful topics, MI AUI is at the top of any selection. Your wallpaper will grab your attention. The bluish tones give the screen an aura of spaciousness, serenity and impressive aesthetics.

The lock screen is minimalistic. Time, weather and date are placed in one corner of the screen. Meanwhile, the background takes on shades of gray, white and black. The rest of the menus and even the notification panel become transparent. So you won’t lose a millimeter of the elegant background of this theme. And of course it is available for MIUI 12.

5. Black Shark 5 | Download
Subject Black shark 5 designed for those users looking for radical changes. Her appearance makes you feel like you are inside the Matrix. This is even more noticeable on the lock screen, where the time and date are arranged vertically rather than traditionally horizontally.

The background is dominated by black, accompanied by a pattern of green hexagons. Although the most striking change is this is the appearance of applications… They become minimalistic and take on a neon design. The control center remains the same, but with a green color that gives it a futuristic feel. If this theme caught your attention, download it to your MIUI 12 device.

Having trouble installing themes?

You need change device region to “India”to install any of these themes on your device. To do this, you just need to go to “Settings” -> “Additional settings” -> “Region”. Then follow any of the links in the list and download your chosen theme. Once you have installed and applied the theme to your device, you can go back to the settings section and set the region you previously had on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device.

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