5 Things all pc gamers need to know

image 5 Things all pc gamers need to know

PC Gaming is fun and can take you to places.  Apart from having relief from gaming, this method can also introduce you to many people and even help you earn money. Yes, many tournaments or eSport competitions for prizes are usually played on the PC. So, it’s right to take it seriously, either as a career or a pastime. 

But before you can attain the height of optimal satisfaction or earn, there are many important things to know about PC gaming. You can find some of them below or visit aimclub.io to know more. With that said, let’s discuss some information below. 

Things to know about PC gaming 

  1. Gaming gear affects performance.

One of the things you should know as a PC gamer is that your gear can make or mar your performance. Even though you can start with any PC or even your phone, you can’t compare the result to playing with gaming-specific accessories. These tools are made for gamers and, as such, features all the necessary things that enhance performance. 

Some of the important ones include a gaming headset, ergonomic chair, stereo speakers, high-resolution monitor, sizeable backlit keyboard, RBG gaming mouse, gaming controller with Bluetooth, 4K Webcam, etc. 

All these accessories can help your gaming experience. For instance, a gaming mouse is different from others but ensures the comfort of your palm for several hours while playing. Also, the mechanical gaming keyboard is usually better than the casual ones in the market. 

  1. How to get a higher FPS 

Usually, many monitors offer 60FPS only. But there are some with 144 FPS. If you can get high frame rates per second, you will enjoy a smoother gaming experience. But now that you’re into PC gaming have you known the simplest ways to increase your FPS? If you have money to buy the computers with higher capacity in FPS, get it. But if you don’t, follow the simplest cost-free ways to increase it. 

According to pro gamers, you can increase your screen FPS by enabling the “Game Mode” in Windows 10 if that’s your version. Secondly, you need to lower the screen’s resolution to manage a crappy picture gut higher FPS. Also, tweak some of the video settings of your game, such as the graphic, graphical effects, draw distance, VSync, etc. Other ways include updating the graphic card drivers, deleting useless programs, boosting the Wi-Fi you use, etc. 

  1. Bottleneck affects your PC

 This is very important for PC gamers to understand since it also impedes their performance of results. When a PC bottleneck occurs, the performance of the device becomes discouraging. According to pro gamers, if a component is limiting the PC from giving out the best, you must try to upgrade it. It might not be because the component is old but because it doesn’t have the required capacity. 

For instance, if the GPU and CPU don’t match in capacity, there will be a bottleneck in your system. This is because one of them is not performing at its peak. As a result, one component will be operating faster while the other will be slower, thereby pulling it down. So, try to ensure that the components match in capability. 

  1. How to fix a game that won’t run

Sometimes, some challenges must come to PC gaming. One of them is when a game fails to run no matter what you do. In such a situation, you might be discouraged or feel frustrated. But there are simple things you ought to do as a troubleshooting measure to make it run. 

The first one is to check the PC to know if it meets the game’s specs. Some of the aspects to check include the RAM, the Windows version, and the CPU. Secondly, check the video drivers and update them. Finally, if there is extraneous software in the system, such as an antivirus program, disable it. Also, you can run the video game in “Admin mode,” check the game installation for faults or simply restart the PC. 

  1. Maintaining your PC ensures a better result

If you want to enjoy PC gaming all the time, please create a maintenance culture for the hardware. Your monitor and computer require cleaning to ensure that all the components are working well. Dust accumulation can cause havoc to the PC. So, always make time to clean it out and do a thorough cleaning where you will redo the cable management, unhook the drive caddies, and even drain the PC water-cooling loop. 

According to Pro gamers, you also need to install some PC monitoring tools such as CPU-Z, CrystalDiskMark, MSI Afterburner, Nvidia GeForce Experience, etc. These tools will alert you when the system is faulty and requires your attention. There are free ones, and there are premium ones. So, get any of them you can and install. 


If you want to enjoy your PC gaming, make sure that you implement our information above. Get the best gaming gears you can afford. Increase your FPS for a smoother gaming experience, avoid bottleneck and ensure that you can carry out simple troubleshooting steps when a game doesn’t run. 

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