5 things everyone needs to know about PUBG: New State before release

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Hello dear viewers of the channel AppTime Media! The creators of the original PUBG are making a new PUBG Battle Royale: New State. In less than a month, the number of pre-registrations crossed the threshold of 20 million. The game will add improved graphics, new mechanics, vehicles and everything that I will tell you about in this issue. I’ll go over the most important information everyone needs to know before releasing a game. For this, you will have to subscribe, like and comment. And we went!

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Expedition to Troy

New State will inherit and enhance familiar mechanics from the original PUBG, this time in a futuristic setting. The main map is called Troy, it has an area of ​​8×8 kilometers, like Erangel and Miramar. Developers are using the latest lighting and rendering technologies that Krafton says will raise the bar for mobile gaming. There are several main points on it where all players will jump. Let’s talk in more detail about each of them:

  • Showroom – located in the center of Troy, from above it looks like a bull’s eye. There is a lot of free space in the middle, there are also several floors with the ability to land on the roof and quickly shoot enemies. But it’s not so simple: your opponents can hide behind cover and bulletproof glass.
  • Shopping center – It resembles a Showroom with an open access roof and free space inside, with each boutique having its own hiding place. The advantage will be given to those who can bypass the enemy from the rear
  • Laboratory – this is a Paradise for those who like to think “on their feet”. The central area is protected by durable glass, but long corridors with street windows and stairs allow you to tactfully and unexpectedly hit the enemy
  • Trailer Park – an open area with many abandoned motorhomes. To win, you have to wriggle, hide and climb. If you want to “dump”, then sit on the bikes and take off from the ramp. By the way, now let’s talk about transport

Choppers, electric cars and public transport

5 things everyone needs to know about PUBG New State 5 things everyone needs to know about PUBG: New State before release

The blue zone is on its heels, so you need fast transport. There are several options, similar to the familiar UAZ, but since we are talking about futurism, the developers have added something new. Meet the electric speedster Volta with a quiet engine. At first glance, it may seem that it will be a cheating electric car, but it has drawbacks: nitro and Blue Zone significantly reduce the power reserve.

Next comes the Vulture chopper. It takes a long time to accelerate, while with nitro it can overtake standard motorcycles. I note that nitrous oxide, like that of Volta, strongly affects the power reserve. What if all of your personal vehicles were taken apart? Then the tram of the future comes to the rescue, which automatically and slowly rolls along the roads of the new map. It is suitable for quick heal and change of strategy, since although the body is bulletproof, there are no windows and doors, so opponents can press you down with fire.

Portable shop, special armor and other features of New State

5 things everyone needs to know about PUBG New State 5 things everyone needs to know about PUBG: New State before release

The differences between New State and the original are related not only to transport and graphics. I’ll start with a portable drone-style store. You may have seen a similar feature in Apex Legends and a couple of other battle royals. Look: there is a special currency scattered around the map, “Drone Credits”, which can be spent on a first-aid kit, cartridges and other items that allow you to stay fully armed for longer. After the purchase, the items are delivered by a drone, which leaves behind a blue haze that attracts the attention of enemies.

Let’s talk about the special Dyneema armor (reads “Dyneandma “). It protects against 5.56mm and 9mm bullets. It may seem that this is dishonest, but such protection does not save you from a machine gun, a rifle and a shotgun. In this case, it is better to opt for regular armor, which is more versatile. By the way, weapons can be customized using a special set, which will be changed and updated with patches. A similar theme allows you to make an assault rifle out of a sniper rifle or add a firing range to your “fart”.

Alpha testing notes

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Now I will talk about small changes to the gameplay of New State compared to the original. They mainly concern cars: if you throw an item while in transport, then it will automatically go into the trunk, from where your teammates can take it. Even now, the door of the car opens, acting as a cover, but it can be broken off. Well, where without drift, which allows you to turn sharply at high speed, despite the fact that you can forget about gas at all – the developers have added an auto-acceleration button.

If we talk about graphics, then the vegetation is as triangular and flat as in PUBG Mobile. The main difference is the sun glare and the orange tone of the picture, as if the events unfold in the morning or evening. The water is now less cloudy, Krafton added dull underwater sounds. The surface of the water and the shooting at it generally resemble the level of Grand Theft Auto V. The doors of houses are partially destroyed, from the explosion of a grenade, ears are buried.

Approximate release date

Look guys: in August, Krafton will open pre-registration for iOS gamers, and the release date always hangs there, although it is not always correct. In addition, some sites began to upload screenshots from the Chinese and other users with the text: “PUBG: New State will be released soon, please pre-register.” The strangest thing is that they received this notification despite the registration they had already completed. If you haven’t done so yet, then there is still time, especially since Krafton is giving you a limited sports car skin.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to the AppTime Media channel and follow the latest news from the gaming industry on the AppTime website. Offer games for the next issues, and I wish you victories and a cool mood. See you later!

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