A new Xiaomi 55W GaN gallium nitride charger is on sale in China for the Xiaomi Mi 11 and other smartphones.

The Xiaomi 55W GaN charger can deliver 55W when charging the Xiaomi Mi 11, and can also be used to charge Xiaomi Mi 10 (30W) quickly, Redmi K30 Pro (33W), Redmi K30 5G (30W), and other smartphones.

As a reminder, the standard version of Xiaomi Mi 11 comes without a charger in the kit, as Xiaomi also decided to take care of the environment. However, unlike Apple, Xiaomi will offer a charger version for the same price for a limited time. Plus, within 30 days, Standard Edition buyers can get a 55-watt charger and USB-C data cable for just 1 cent.

The Xiaomi 55W GaN Gallium Nitride Charger is priced around $ 15.

Recall that today the Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone itself is also released in China, which was sold out by pre-order, but it can be found in retail stores.

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