7 games for smartphones based on the “Squid Games”

7 games for smartphones based on the Squid Games 7 games for smartphones based on the "Squid Games"

The series “The Squid Game” burst into the mainstream and now everyone is talking about it. It got to the point where indie developers started releasing tons of mobile games based on this blockbuster. Therefore, we will tell you about some of them, and in order to survive and find out your fate, you will have to read this article to the end. But do not be afraid, you are not afraid of children’s games, are you?

Squid Game 3D

You wake up in a dorm with fellow AppTime readers. You are wearing clothes with a serial number. If you win, you will receive a prize. Now get ready for the first game, “The quieter you go, the further you will be.”

Squid Game 3D has become the most popular game in TapTap. The thing is that it has the same challenges as in The Squid Game, but not all. First, we try to win in ttakchi (Russian equivalent – “weaving”) against a well-dressed man. The rules are simple – turn the paper figure over with a strong throw. It is very difficult to do, so you can skip it thanks to viewing ads. If you win, then you are given a business card and after that the same games begin. Among them there is a cruel version of “The quieter you go, the further you will be”, where you need to run to the finish line while the doll is not looking at you. Only there is a question about the reality of the “players”, because after losing you are instantly thrown into another lobby, and you run faster than others.

Then the game “Sugar honeycomb” begins, where you need to choose one of four caramels and cut out a figurine. It is done simply: we tap and hold our finger until the screen turns red; continue until victory. In general, this is the simplest test, after which there will be real Hell. The third and final test is the game of balls. It is a bit random and has several options. The most understandable is when you need to throw balls into a hole. This is very difficult to do, there are only five balls per round; if there is a draw, then the player and the bot will have to continue to win. The loser will be shot.

Squid Game 3D

Some survivors want to leave and most of them vote to stop the game. You try to tell the police about what happened, but no one believes, except one detective. As a result, you need to resume the game, especially since you are not the only one who wants it to continue.

Squid Game 3D is a project with a similar name but more arcade style. For example, you don’t have to play Korean “hundred”, so we immediately go to the game “The quieter you drive, the further you will be.” Instead of models of real people, we are given models from Among Us, even the doll and the guards look like victims and murderers. There is no multiplayer again, we are fighting bots. The difficulty is that with each turn the doll counts faster, but if you take your time, you can reach the finish line in a minute.

The second test is to cross a bridge with tempered and regular glass tiles. You don’t need to guess anything, you just need to remember the sequence of the “correct” tiles, before the start of the round they are quickly highlighted in green. For victories in both trials, coins are issued that can be spent on hats. There is no more content in Squid Game 3D.

Sugar Honeycomb Squid Game

7 games for smartphones based on the Squid Games 7 games for smartphones based on the "Squid Games"

Adults and kids alike love caramel, this time you and other AppTime readers are politely asked to take Dalgon’s sugar cookies and cut them out with a needle.

Sugar Honeycomb Squid Game is completely devoted to one lesson – licking and carving figures from Korean candies. The description says that a wrong move can cost your life, but it’s much simpler. In this project, you just need to bring the needle to the lines of the figure and lead along them for a few seconds. Somehow you won’t be able to go over the edges and ruin the figure, so Sugar Honeycomb Squid Game can be considered the easiest game on our list so far.

Interestingly, after the victory, the sound is as if you won in a casino – you can hear the jingle of coins and the same recognizable electronic sound that is usually used in gambling advertisements. The problem with Sugar Honeycomb Squid Game is that there is only one challenge, it is very short, but the developers did not forget to place an ad. We pass by.

Squid Game: Tempered Glass

Rumor has it that one of the players is a doctor who resells the organs of the losers.One of the gangs decides to start a conflict and some are killed. You are still alive, but there is a tug of war ahead.

As the name suggests, in Squid Game: Tempered Glass we test glass for its durability. Unlike Squid Game 3D, we are not shown in advance where to step. As a result, you can often make mistakes and fall down. At the same time, after each loss, advertisements are shown. But it is easier to win the first time than the next, because at first you need to guess only two tiles. And yes, you can get a hint for advertising, without it it is unrealistic to pass. Please don’t step on the blinking tiles.

Multiplayer in Squid Game: Tempered Glass, the same applies to bots, which in some games at least go ahead and suggest where to join. The graphics also don’t ask for stars from the sky, and you can’t even buy a hat for a victory.

Squid Game – Red Light Green Light

Your team won the tug of war match. But there is a danger from Dok Soo’s gang, so I had to spend the night on patrol. Everything seemed to work out, but only all the conspirators who sold organs on the black market were executed.

Squid Game – Red Light Green Light again brings us back to the first test – “The quieter you go – the further you will be.” This time, instead of victims from Among Us or real people, we are allowed to play for children. The multiplayer was not delivered again, and the doll reads the counting rhyme faster each time. If you do not rush, then the test is quickly passed. It is a pity that after the victory they are not allowed to participate in other games, for example, in the tug-of-war. The graphics are also not surprising, but at least there are no annoying ads.

The Squid Game – Survival Challenge

Now we suggest pairing up with other AppTime readers and playing any game with glass marbles. If you pick them up from your partner in 30 minutes, then you win.

The Squid Game – Survival Challenge finally offers to go through all the stages of Hell, through which the participants of the Squid Game were led. First, we try ourselves again in “hundreds”, this time in an easy format. Only then they offer to drive to the car using a tap, without touching other cars at the intersection. It is impossible to do this, so we use advertising and skip it. Then the very games begin. The first test with a Japanese doll and fading in place. Next comes the carving of the caramel figurine, and then the tug-of-war.

On the fourth day, they will offer to throw a ball into the dimple, three attempts are given for this. In general, in one day there can be several tests, so we will still be asked to guess how many balls are in the hand of another character. But on the fifth day you have to go through the glass bridge. The correct tiles do not light up, since you can be the fifth in line. The sixth and last day is the easiest – we are offered to jump on one leg and overwhelm the last player.

Super squid game run

Remaining one of the finalists, you decide to agree and split the prize in half. It turns out that one of the players does not survive, and the host turned out to be one of the winners of the previous games. What a twist!

The last game on our list is Super Squid Game Run. It’s unusual because it copies Subway Surfers rather than The Squid Game. From the series, we only have a model of the hero and a catch-up doll instead of a policeman. At the same time, the project is made for a solid three – the control is responsive, you have to run between the cars and dodge arriving trains. Also, suns are scattered on the paths instead of coins, for which you can pump the character. Back in Super Squid Game Run, Russian localization was added, albeit a broken line.


As you can see, many developers are trying to cash in on the popularity of some kind of series by passing on wishful thinking. But so that you don’t get too upset, we have prepared a small action for those who have read to the end. The conditions are as follows:

  • Choose your order number
  • Write it in the comments and indicate which of the games on the list you like best
  • If you win, we will disable ads on the site for your account

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