A Bad Example Is Contagious: Samsung Decides Whether To Deprive Its Smartphones Of Charges, As Did Apple

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But the headphones may remain in the boxes

According to a source with reference to Korean media, Samsung is considering the possibility of following the path of Apple, which consists in significantly facilitating the delivery of smartphones: the power supply and headphones may disappear from it. However, the company is considering an option in which the headphones will still remain in the boxes.

A bad example is contagious.  Samsung decides whether to deprive its smartphones of charges, as did Apple

It’s not yet about all Samsung smartphones in a row (for example, for the budget Galaxy M line, such a move would hardly be justified), but only about the future flagships of the Galaxy S21. And, as reported, boxes of absolutely all models of the series – Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra – will “lose weight”.

And although the decision has not been made at the moment, but if Samsung still dares to take such a step, it is unlikely that it will be unambiguously regarded. On the one hand, the company produces more “digital junk” than others, if only because the kits come with 25W units, although smartphones support 45W fast charging. In order to significantly reduce the charging time of the smartphone, the user somehow needs to buy another more powerful charger. On the other hand, Samsung was among those that trolled Apple for the lack of charging in the kit, but is now going to follow the same path.

Source: Samsung

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