A Game of Thrones: Board Game – Desktop Conquest of Westeros on iOS and Android

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Publisher Asmodee Digital has ported A Game of Thrones: Board Game to smartphones. This is the digital version of a real board game. Different kingdoms fight each other for the right to Westeros. Five players can sit at one virtual table. We are promised a cross-platform, which is even better. In addition to the usual threat, there are also Wildlings. Each house has its own unit cards. The gameplay is asynchronous, it is possible to create and break alliances.

For fans, the project will come, only on smartphones with a small diagonal it is impossible to play – there are many small elements. Therefore, we either pick up a “shovel” or buy a tablet. By the way, if you want to hack into something with friends, then here is our independent list.

A Game of Thrones: Board Game is already available on iOS, Android and PC. This is a premium project, most of all you have to give away on iOS – 899 rubles… And that’s not counting the DLC, which costs 269 rubles on Google Play. There is no Russian localization.

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