A gloomy location in the Shattered Mountain in the new movie New World

16692 Fortnite - Trials: Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

The new video MMORPG New World is dedicated to a mountain location called Shattered Mountain (Broken Mountain). This area is located in the most remote corner of Eternum, and there players can visit several interesting points.

To the north of the Great Cleave lies the gray wastelands of the Carved Lanks, through which you can reach the meager settlement of Mountainhome and face danger in the desecrated fortress of Caminus.

If you head to this location from the east of Edengrove, then Mountainrise Outpost will be the first settlement on the way. To the northwest of it lies the Blighted Wilds, and continuing north from there, you will reach the cursed Rotfellow Hovel cave, home to the most disgusting creatures of Eternum.

Northwest of Mountainhome you will find the Scorched Mines. Continuing to move on, you will stumble upon the lands of Desolate Cliffs and Mortal Mire, unsuitable for peaceful life, where only ruthless animals live. To the north lies the Fallen Frontier, a vast wasteland riddled with corruption. When you are ready for a dangerous test, head to Myrkgard – a fortress that is home to terrible beasts and people affected by corruption.

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