A major update for MMO Starbase has been released with moon bases, capital ships and more

The developers of the MMO Starbase have released a major content update for the game with capital ships, bases and loot on the Moon, and more.

The main innovations of the patch include:

  • Mining and bases on the moon
  • capital ships
  • thermal mechanics
  • Hangar Rooms (SSC/Repair Hall) for Game Stations and Capital Ships
  • Station reconstruction machine
  • Updating Drawings
  • Alloy Furnace
  • Waste recycling tool
  • Ship speedometer and gyroscope
  • Grid display
  • New tripods (plasma, rail, laser)
  • Rail guns, premium FCU, t2+3 boosters, professional yolol chips
  • manual welding

In addition, the game also added: the auction house in the cities of Moon, the Farbelt Outpost station on the outer edge of the Eos asteroid belt, the Robur station next to the Origin stations, a huge number of changes and quality of life fixes.

Starbase is a sci-fi MMO with voxel technology. This means that players can freely move around the world and destroy almost anything they want with the help of tools and weapons. The project is being developed by Frozenbyte, the creators of the enjoyable co-op adventure game Trine.

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