A new game in the HAWKEN universe is in development

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From the latest financial report, Digital Bros, which owns 505 Games, has become aware of the development of a new multiplayer action game about mechs in the HAWKEN universe. The short description says that this is “not just a sequel”, but a project with a completely new game design, designed for a wide audience.

The investor report says the next HAWKEN will feature a PvE mode with objective capture, but does not specify whether it will be the main one and whether it will remain PvP. An improved customization system is also announced, allowing you to collect, create and customize your combat robots.

HAWKEN 2 (tentative name) will be released in the first quarter of fiscal 2022, that is, until September 31, 2021. The game will be distributed free of charge, but they promise to do without Pay-to-Win elements.

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