A new portion of developers’ answers to questions about the MMORPG Allods Online

A new portion of developers answers to questions about the A new portion of developers' answers to questions about the MMORPG Allods Online

The developers of the MMORPG Allods Online have published the third part of the answers to user questions. They were mostly about technical stuff, content, features, and, all of a sudden, goblins. For your convenience, we have collected all the answers in a short summary for you. By the way, if you missed the previous two parts (we combined them into one article), you can read them at this link.

  • Perhaps, priority preservation in the queue will be implemented. If you flew out and were immediately able to return, then the position in the queue will remain unchanged.
  • Allods Online uses only 1 core due to an architectural feature of the client, which was written many years ago.
  • Remote access to the game is not supported, but players can use the MY.GAMES CLOUD service. By the way, earlier we published a review on it.
  • The ability to make costumes shared per account is difficult to implement in the game, so there are no plans for this at the moment. But the horses and colors on them are available in the stable for the main character and his Rebirths.
  • Developers cannot disclose information about server capacity and plans for their consolidation.
  • Not all goblins are bald. For example, the Very Respected Goblin is not bald.
  • Goblins are much smarter and more capable than they seem. Therefore, one goblin can quite cope with screwing in a light bulb.
  • The Goblin from Purgatory is called Till.
  • There is no way to change the health bar above the enemy’s head (color, size), as well as automatically make it more noticeable for the selected enemy. The developers did not specify whether they will appear.
  • If you purchased the edition and did not receive the items, then you should write to support. Such requests are resolved individually.
  • The developers are studying the issue of introducing cross-server search to subscription servers, but this feature can not be expected in the next patches. It is necessary to investigate the possible risks and understand how relevant its introduction will be.
  • At the moment, there are no such plans for the film adaptation and the release of new books, but everything can change if interest in the game remains at the same level as it is now.
  • To turn off the halo around the character’s head, you just need to type the command “/shine” in the game chat.
  • There are no plans to expand the choice of classes for races other than Kanians and Khadagans. This is a very big task that involves a certain amount of people, effort and time.
  • The authors plan to deal with the astral, but first of all, all the most pressing problems in the project need to be resolved.
  • As a small alternative to get realgar, in addition to participating in the dominion, the developers offer to complete the quest on the Stronghold “Contribution to the Stronghold”. It is available from level 20 and for completing simple quests you can get some realgar. The main source was and remains the Dominion.
  • The developers are discussing the possibility of further development of quests and the plot of the Suitcase of the Poor. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we recommend watching this video.

Earlier, the IT Territory studio published a video dedicated to the growing popularity of Allods Online.

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