We last heard about the psychedelic horror The Medium at the end of November. Then the developers from the Bloober Team studio showed a new trailer. Now about the same thing happened, only this time we got a rather long gameplay video. There is a great emphasis on the journey of the protagonist to the other world. This is done in those moments when, for example, a passage is blocked in the real world. At the same time, you cannot stay there for too long. Otherwise, you can stay forever.

When traveling between worlds, the camera is split in two, either vertically or horizontally. At some point, we will meet a girl named Sadness. She wears an emotionless mask and can abruptly leave us alone with the local nightmares. The developers notice that they were inspired by the works of Zdzislaw Beksiński, whose gloomy style is recognized all over the world.

The Medium is out on January 28, 2021, for PC and Xbox Series X | S. You can pre-order now.


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