A new update has been released for UNDECEMBER

UNDECEMBER is a mobile MMO with a focus on hack-and-slash, that is, knocking out a large number of monsters in an isometric format. It should be considered an alternative to Path of Exile due to the huge number of ways to customize the character and make his skills unique; all thanks to the runes, which with the advent of the new update can be improved, especially if it is a legendary stone of level 30.

With help rune awakening you can choose one of the development options: Origin, Source, Verity. Judging by the presented trailer in honor of the release of a new update for UNDECEMBER, this system changes the hero’s skills even more.

Another new raid was added to UNDECEMBER – Descent Raid. 8 people who have reached level 80 will be able to take part in it. If they can defeat the Ochogneel boss, they will receive different rewards.

Well, the most interesting thing for those who pour money into UNDECEMBER is Black Friday in the game. It will last until December 14th, thanks to which many items are sold at a discount in the in-game store.

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