A Plague Tale Innocence – Gear Upgrades

As you play Plague Tale: Innocence, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your equipment. This will increase the number of items you can carry with you and affect Amicia’s movement and effectiveness in combat. Therefore, regular updates of improvements are extremely important.

To access upgrades, you need a workbench. You can find it in every chapter (except the first). Every time you look for a workbench to improve the belt is not required. You will be able to make changes in any place convenient for you.

When you enter the upgrade menu, you will find a list of available upgrades. They fall into three categories: [1]Equipment [2] and Alchemy [3].

To improve equipment, you will need tools. Behind each workbench you will find one such set. This means that you can only make one modification. Of course, you can find more tools while exploring locations. If you upgrade the sling to the third level, you can create them yourself.


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