A remake of the famous shooter Crossfire received the exact release date in China – Crossfire HD

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Back in mid-May, the CrossFire HD developers announced the release of the game in May, and now they have announced the exact release date. The Chinese version of the remake of the famous shooter CrossFire will be released on June 10, 2021 and will be distributed free of charge. You can now pre-register on the official website to claim post-launch rewards.

It is worth noting that since the project is released exclusively in the Middle Kingdom, it will not be so easy to get access. Also, do not forget about the ping, which is extremely important in competitive shooters – it will be very high on Chinese servers.

Unfortunately, there is still no information about the release of Crossout HD on the global market. But it is known that CrossfireX will be released all over the world this year.

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