A trial run of the Funny Fighters brawler took place

Funny Fighters is available for download on Android, only the developers have removed the project from Google Play.

Funny Fighters is a mobile game that can temporarily replace Brawl Stars. The fact is that they are very similar in terms of gameplay – players are divided into two teams in a 4v4 format and fight in a rather large Arena. They can set traps, hide in the bushes, communicate with emoticons and, of course, destroy each other.

Funny Fighters attracts with its graphics and sophisticated gameplay, especially since the average fight lasts about 5 minutes. The game is currently in beta testing in the US, although the developers have removed the project from Google Play. Because of this, the game can only be installed directly via the APK. By the way, the Chinese version was released back in 2018; you can download it via Tap Tap.

After victories, you get resources for pumping and increase your rank. Some upgrade items can be obtained through a loot box. With their help, you can, for example, strengthen your weapons. Also, do not forget to upgrade the battle pass and complete tasks.

App Store (China)Download APK

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