A video with developers’ comments about the Drakania class and a fresh video about the new location

The developers of the MMORPG Black Desert have published two new videos on the official YouTube channel dedicated to the new Drakania class and the Mountains of Eternal Winter location, which will appear on April 6 with a big patch.

The video about Dracania reveals the details of its origin, as well as the intricacies of working on the class and the nuances of the combat system. For example, during normal attacks there are relatively “heavy” animations, but as you kill enemies, a secondary weapon called a shard is charged, which is attached to the main two-handed sword. After accumulating enough charge, some actions are skipped and skills are used much faster.

The heroine is also quite mobile, thanks to the ability to quickly move over short and long distances, and she can also restore health with certain skills when it is reduced by 30% or more.

[Black Desert] Новый класс Драканиа: комментарии разработчиков

The video about “Mountains of Eternal Winter” shows the main content that will come with the new location. As mentioned earlier, players will find a survival mechanic related to the cold, a new boss, hunting grounds and much more.

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