A World Of Warcraft Fan Created A Pineapple Mini-Game To Teach Players Tactics In The Nafria Castle Raid

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The community has well received the unusual idea of TacticalAirHorse on Reddit. He developed a small pineapple game to teach players about boss-fighting tactics in the upcoming first raid of Nafriya Castle in MMORPG World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

The game is available right in the browser, but you can also download it if you want. As the developer notes, the idea is to provide a more informative way to learn about boss mechanics than a quick-start picture or a 15-minute video.

Of course, the project shows mechanics only tentatively and is definitely not aimed at hardcore raiders, but it is perfect for beginners or even some seasoned players. You can see and play a fun World of Warcraft mini-game introducing the mechanics of the raid here.

Recall that the raid Castle Nafria will appear in the game tomorrow, along with the start of the first season of Shadowlands.

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