Accumulation of XP weapons, stashes with rewards and more in patch 1.8.0 for Dauntless

The multiplayer monster hunting action game Dauntless has received a fresh update with the number 1.8.0. Now players can get new equipment, collect rewards in honor of the upcoming Halloween event, the ability to accumulate experience for weapons that have already reached the maximum level, and more. Everything in order:

  • Cache with awards. Users will have to collect Observatory Coins to get the Secret Keeper Armor, the Beholder’s Weapon, and an assortment of Dark Harvest items.
  • The Dark Harvest event kicks off on October 21st, and until that day, players have access to weekly gifts scattered throughout Ramsgate, inside of which a variety of rumors can be found.
  • XP reserve for weapons. After update 1.8.0, all weapons that have reached the maximum level will continue to receive experience, which is deposited in the stock in the amount of 75%. This is done so that users can use supplies during reforging and receive already pumped guns.

Among other things, Dauntless has overhauled the gene category system, added new seasonal challenges, fresh rumors, and many bug fixes. More information about patch 1.8.0 is available on the official game page.

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