Ace Racer racing simulator CBT has started in China, we look at the gameplay

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NetEase Games has launched the Ace Racer racing mobile in the Celestial Closed Beta. It is worth noting that the game has cool graphics, although there is a lot of blur on the screen. The effects of nitro and skid look great: orange and blue stripes flow around the car, and it even jumps into the air and does all sorts of tricks there. In general, the project does not strive for realism, like Racing Master (by the way, NetEase also does it). At the start we are given one of three cars: these are sports cars, but they are probably not licensed. In general, they look like “machines of the future.” For the most part, we get new cards through loot boxes.

The interface in the local garage is spammed with different icons, it doesn’t help that the project is in Chinese. Initially, we have access to circular races with other players (perhaps these are their “ghosts”). The car calmly takes off into the air, and when it lands, sparks go out from under its wheels. In general, NetEase did a good job on the special effects.

Ace Racer will be released on iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. The global release is still silent. Chinese CBT is available through TapTap (access may have already been closed).

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