Action Tesla Force ported to Android

Tesla Force has been ported to Android. Players will take on the role of historical figures to fend off the aliens.

Tesla Force is an isometric action game that hit Google Play. The developers promise that we will have an endless gameplay, because the project has elements from “roguelikes”. Levels are randomly generated, and the number of weapons will surprise even Tesla and Lovecraft.

According to the description, Tesla Force supports controllers, even on Android. In addition to weapons, parts of the robot are also scattered at the levels; if you collect them, then the character will become the pilot of a real machine for reprisals against aliens. As for the gameplay, it is broken down into levels that may be similar. In general, the roster of heroes allows you to get unique emotions from the gameplay. For example, Tesla can jump over obstacles. The main thing for pumping is to collect crystals and vials of energy. They are used to buy weapons, abilities and upgrades.

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