Aether Gazer CBT starts today and you are invited

Aether Gazer beta test begins in the Celestial Empire. This is a beautiful action game with anime graphics. The local setting and gameplay are reminiscent of Punishing: Gray Raven, only better. By the way, you can join the CBT.

Aether Gazer is an anime game for mobile phones, for which a beta test is underway from September 16 to 30. It is exclusively in China, but for both platforms (iOS and Android). During testing, the first five chapters will be available. In fact, this is a third-person action game where we fight huge robots in a small arena. The character has four active skills, plus a basic attack. At the end of the level, you get a rating, as well as materials.

Since this is a gacha, we will collect different waifu and pump them over. The list includes not only an increase in the level or new weapons, but also some artifacts that must be inserted into the slots. There is a plot, but it is textual and not voiced. By the way, the graphics are excellent, so you can test your device for strength. If anything, you can download the APK through our Telegram channel… After installation, you need to select the region of your country (+7 for the Russian Federation) and confirm your phone number.

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