Aidan Pearce meets an “old friend” in the Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay video

Ubisoft has released a short gameplay trailer for the upcoming Bloodline add-on for the third-person action game Watch Dogs: Legion. It shows one small but important plot point. Although the developers themselves talked about this earlier, we still warn you about the presence of spoilers.

In the presented video, Aidan Pearce, the hero of the first part of the Watch Dogs series, enters a certain building and begins to “dig” into the computer. At this time, a stranger attacks him, thinking that a robber broke into him. As it turns out later, this person is Aidan’s nephew, whom we could see as a child in the original game.

As a reminder, the Legacy DLC will be released on July 6, 2021.

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline Intro (Part 2)

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