Aion Classic release in Europe postponed by a few weeks

During Gameforge’s latest live stream, it was announced that the classic MMORPG Aion will be released in Europe at the end of March. However, the publishers have now announced that the date has been pushed back by a few weeks.

The reason for the postponement is that Aion Classic still needs some polishing to reach its full potential. The development process was affected by the COVID-19 and flu season, so it became necessary to give the team proper recovery time before returning to work on the classic version. As confirmed by the publishers, they are currently in the last stages of launching Aion Classic in Europe, and they will be ready to announce the exact date at the end of this month.

In the meantime, until March 23, you can still apply to participate in the closed beta testing of the Russian version of Aion Classic. In total, they promise to invite 1000 participants.

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