Akami: In the heir to Breath of the Wild, you can now fly animals, fish and more

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The RPG Akami continues to gain traction. The developer showed the opening cut-scene. It turns out that our hero was flying on an airplane and a thunderstorm hit him. It was because of this that he found himself on a desert island. The graphics are cute, reminiscent of the era of the PlayStation 1. Since the last news, the game has also added a combat system, inventory and weapon swapping. Apparently, controller support awaits us. The character can gracefully fall into the water, like in some Assassin’s Creed.

In your free time from hunting, you can fish; the fishing rod is pulled at the moment when it is necessary to pull out the catch. Fish, vegetables and other foods can be eaten. When the main character enters the water “waist-deep”, the animation of movement changes slightly and he walks more slowly. If you get into a cold biome, then health starts to go away from the frost, and the character trembles.

In the latest update, the developer shared a videowhere he flies on a huge bird. It soars calmly in the air and flies low between the trees. Even with the help of this bird, you can slowly move along the ground. Akami will be released on iOS and Android; read about the PC version here.

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