Alawar is working on dystopia Beholder 3, preparing surveillance cameras

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Yesterday Twitter account for a series of games Beholder rose from the dead for one purpose: to announce Beholder 3. Now we know that the third part is officially in development. It is being developed by the legendary Russian developer Alawar, together with the German indie guys from Paintbucket Games. We should expect the same level of madness and dystopia, where the player will follow the locals and decide their fate for the good of the nation.

The first part went to the gaming community, because it gave an unusual and dark experience. The project even received awards from critics, and was filmed for it short film… In the second part, the developers decided to go in a slightly different direction, it is not even a direct continuation of Beholder. Some gamers note the monotony of construction, as well as uninteresting mini-games. Which way will Beholder 3 go?

So far, the release date for Beholder 3 is set to 2022. The developers did not give more accurate data. Most likely, the project will again visit smartphones, and will also be released on the PC.

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