Albion Online beginner’s guide: barn mules, choose a city and get a premium for three days

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Albion Online is out on smartphones, which means there will be more newcomers to the game. This is a sandbox with freedom of action, but it is better to know in advance what can and cannot be done. This will help save precious time and nerves. That is why I decided to write down this guide for you, where I will tell you about the most basic and interesting tips for beginners.

Do not forget to subscribe to your favorite games: we will definitely make guides on them, as well as add tasty promotional codes if the developers share them. Before launching Albion Online, make sure you have at least 3GB of RAM, preferably all 4GB. The guide is inspired by this video

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Armor in Albion Online

Since the game has a classless system, you can make a hybrid class. In fact, we are constantly choosing between a warrior, an archer and a magician. As is customary in all MMORPGs, they have their own type of armor, namely:

  • Plate armor (warrior)
  • Leather Armor (Archer)
  • Cloth Armor (Mage)

When you are asked to craft the first set, do not be stingy and make all three types at once. This way you can wear all types of T3 armor. Also, don’t forget to craft your bag; you don’t need to do this on the quest, but it will come in handy for you.

Advice for businessmen: buy three mules at the starting location, and then sell them in other cities

Starting cities in Albion Online

After completing the training, you will be asked to choose a starting location. Newbies can swoon over a choice of five cities:

  • Swamp cross
  • Mountain cross
  • Forest cross
  • Steppe cross
  • Highland cross

In these cities there are many tasks for processing resources and creating T3 items (remember the last point?), As well as training T4 horses (you can sell those mules that we bought on the market). There is not much difference between cities, only between biomes. It is worth noting that the central bank in each city is unique and its vaults do not apply to the central bank in other cities (it is logical).

Albion Online Premium Newbie

After arriving in the first city, you can receive three days of premium. For beginners, this is heavenly mana, but if you decide to immediately activate this theme, then make a mistake. Many veterans advise to give up the premium for a while and walk around the cities, explore the locations, what and where. After that, when you decide to move further along the quests and the plot, you can activate the premium.

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