Albion Online: Everything you need to know about the end game

The hit MMO from the makers of Sandbox Interactive has high-level content that only the bravest heroes will pass.

Albion Online has been entertaining MMO fans since 2017 with its deep gameplay mechanics and vibrant fantasy world. While newcomers to the medieval sandbox MMORPG can no doubt find plenty to do, AO veterans won’t get bored either, with high-level content that will test the player on the hardcore endgame features.

Northern Continent “Outland”

The ruthless and vast northern continent ensures that only the strongest survive. Called “The Outlands,” these “black zones” are certainly not for the faint of heart, as danger lurks in every corner of the wild frontier. Winner Takes All is a rule in the Outlands of Albion, which also includes the Roads of Avalon, home to some of the scariest creatures that drop the rarest loot.

Epic Territory Wars

In addition to the challenging PvP battles that players can participate in, they also have the opportunity to join the regular seasons of Guild Wars, which see who will conquer territories and hideouts.

Throughout the year, guilds clash due to various seasonal events during guild seasons in Outland. The Lands Awakened update last year also introduced the Conqueror’s Challenge, allowing players to purchase Might and Favor along with valuable in-game items. Might – gives players the opportunity to gain power levels for their guild, allowing everyone to make their own personal contribution to its development.

Battles in groups and raids

Crystal League, Hellgates and Elite Dungeons allow players to participate in group battles for top in-game rewards. The Crystal League, for example, gives players silver and glory rewards in 5v5 or 20v20 battles. Meanwhile, Hellgates provides players with high-level PvE and PvP content in teams of two, five, or ten people. On the other hand, Elite Dungeons in Outland allows players to participate in 20-man raids, earning impressive rewards from bosses.

Of course, in addition to all the multiplayer features of the game, lone wolves can also play alone in many high-level dungeons, where they can show off their might and bravery. In particular, Corrupted Dungeons provides players with one-on-one PvP encounters.

If you are interested in the game, then you can rejoice, it is available on iOS and Android. This is a free game with in-app purchases.

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