Aliens: Colonial Marines – Where can I find all audio files?

Mission 1 (Disaster)

AUDIO LOG 1/12 - In a room you enter while going through the first level of the gravitational well (on your way to the hangar bay) - Audio Logs - Collectibles - Aliens: Colonial Marines - Game Guide and Walkthrough

AUDIO LOG 1/12 – In the room you enter when passing through the first level of the gravity well (on the way to the hangar).

Mission 2 (Battle of Sulaco)

AUDIO LOG 2/12 – Right after you open the door with the electric forklift, in the area where you first encounter the Facehuggers.

AUDIO LOG 3/12 – In the last room of the engineering section (where you attack a heavily armored soldier from a long distance). Find the green generator and place it in the right place (or jump) to be able to interact with the terminal.

Mission 4 (Hadley has no hope)

AUDIO LOG 4/12 – In the side room on the first floor, which you get to shortly after entering the colony complex at the beginning of the mission.

Mission 6 (for Bella)

AUDIO LOG 5/12 – On the metal gallery, which can be reached shortly after entering the first level of the Weyland-Yutani Research Center (before obtaining the objective related to the staff manifesto).

AUDIO LOG 6/12 – In the arsenal. which you enter almost immediately after receiving the previous (fifth) log.

AUDIO LOG 7/12 – On the way to the operating room, in an area with two hostile watchtowers. After turning off the first one, go to the end of the corridor and inspect the room that he protected.

Mission 7 (One Bullet)

AUDIO LOG 8/12 – Shortly after meeting the scientist whose task it was to save Bella, in the room with the first wave of mercenaries. When you clear everything, look for a table with a terminal.

AUDIO LOG 9/12 – in one of the poorly lit rooms of the laboratory; shortly before reaching the area where the group offers to calmly eliminate the enemies.

AUDIO LOG 10/12 – Shortly after destroying an enemy landing craft and entering a new building. Stop when you get to an area with several side rooms and search the one with a lot of computers.

Mission 8 (Rampart)

AUDIO LOG 11/12 – In one of the side rooms at the very beginning of the mission (before taking the elevator).

AUDIO LOG 12/12 – Passing through a huge underground hall where you fight Weyland-Yutani mercenaries. Check the first room you come across, to the right of the metal gallery.


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