Aliens invaded Fortnite – Superman and Rick rush to the rescue

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Fortnite’s Battle Royale has kicked off the seventh season of Chapter 2, Invasion, which focuses on alien themes. The island was attacked by a foreign force, and now the Order of Flesh under the command of Dr. Sloane is ready to confront her.

If you spot a flying saucer, you can try to shoot it down to take control. From them, by the way, nuts and bolts, which are materials for the manufacture of objects, are periodically poured. To achieve victory, you can also use a reconnaissance scanner, rail cannon, pulse rifle and other weapons.

The new battle pass traditionally includes characters from other universes. This time, Superman and Rick from the animated series Rick and Morty arrived at Fortnite. Also, pass holders have the opportunity to create their own alien by combining different styles.

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