All 48 Blade & Soul 2 servers were full 3 hours after the start of the pre-creation phase

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On April 22, 2021, the opportunity to pre-create a character for the Korean version of the MMORPG Blade & Soul 2 opened … and immediately closed. The fact is that a maximum number was set on each server, and all slots were filled in just three hours. A total of 48 servers were available, but even that was not enough for users.

In the near future, the developers plan to open new servers, which will be announced separately:

“Thanks to your active support, the character creation phase of the first 48 open servers has been completed. We will notify you of the renewal in a separate notice, ”NCSOFT said.

The release of Blade & Soul 2 in South Korea will take place on May 6, 2021 on mobile devices running iOS and Android, as well as on PC via the Purple emulator.

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