All known information about MMORPG ArcheAge 2. ArcheAge 2 preview

ArcheAge 2 was officially unveiled in September 2020 and, according to the developers at XL Games, must inherit the unique freedom and sandbox style of the first game in order to establish itself as a large-scale, next-generation AAA-class MMORPG.

In the future, the authors acquired a publisher in the face of Kakao Games, conducted several interviews and published the first gameplay video. This preview is a systematic list of all the knowledge about the new product at the moment (November 2022).

general information

ArcheAge 2 is being developed by XL Games, and according to 2020 data, the team consisted of only 40-50 people. At the moment, this number is likely to have increased significantly, as they gradually planned to increase the staff. Kakao Games will act as the international publisher of the game, and for us, most likely, My.Games. According to the authors, ArcheAge 2 will be a project with the unique features of the first part, greatly improved.


The story, quests, and world of ArcheAge 2 are being worked on by Minhee Chung, the same female screenwriter as the first part. The game takes place some time after the events of the original, when people began to move to the huge Primordial continent “Auroria”, which was abandoned for millennia.

The developers also hinted that there will be “power wars” in the game in the Original Continent. However, it is not known what this means. It is quite possible that the classic confrontation between the sides of the Eastern and Western continents will no longer exist, and we will face a struggle among several countries for territories and influence.

Previously, the main story was given to players through the main quest line, but it seemed to exist separately. This problem is planned to be solved in the sequel, providing users with several storylines and the ability to complete them in the order they want.

An epic story with heroes and gods is also not expected and will be replaced by an emphasis on individual adventures. Also, the developers want to pay great attention to directing, scenes and dubbing.


ArcheAge 2 will contain all the content from the first part, such as: an abundance of quests, large-scale battles, naval battles, dungeons, raids, trade, guilds, versatile character development and much more. In addition, we should expect that all these components will be improved and new features will be added, however, in some places the content will still be reduced and made deeper.

The authors will also try to better link trade, housing and manufacturing. Expanded customization of buildings, the possibility of living in cities and the construction of their own policies with co-guild members have already been announced. The systematization of trade is also expected, where users will be able to trade alone, in groups, or even entire raids. It is quite possible that the construction of merchant ships or caravans will be allowed to be carried out in groups.

You can also exchange anything with each other through trade, and participate in war or robbery to get what you need.

​According to an interview with the development team, the Original Continent will be twice the size of the territory in Archeage 1, and will include the sea, islands, and dungeons. In the gameplay video, you can see an airship, which may well serve as quick ways to get to the desired point. Additionally, they promise that you will be able to see how the world develops and changes depending on the actions of the player.

It seems that a lot of attention will be paid to the exploration of the world. The gameplay video shows the gradual settlement of people across the continent, a variety of thousand-year-old forests with ruins and powerful monsters, deserts with the remnants of ancient civilizations, small mountains.

All six previously presented races are promised, and new races will be added that were not available in the previous game, but created in accordance with the general concept. Most likely there will be new classes, but the developers have not yet mentioned them. So far, four main archetypes are visible in a single video: Swordsman with a sword, Archer, Mage and Warrior with a shield and an axe.

As for the combat system, it will become more like a soul-like system with a non-target system, dodging, parrying, blocking, and delivering attacks in between enemy actions. Also in the gameplay video, you can see finishing off the enemy, hinting at the presence of QTE elements or colorful kills. It is quite possible that we still have mounted duels, since the gameplay footage captures such a cinematic scene.

Graphics in ArcheAge 2

The developers plan to increase the immersion effect in ArcheAge 2, so the visuals and graphics have been changed to a more realistic model using the Unreal Engine 5. Judging by the gameplay trailer, the visuals are even better than in Black Desert and most modern games. You can see the change of time of day, the believable movement of clouds, wind, colorful special effects and detailed textures.

The camera perspective is also much closer to the character. However, most likely, in raids it will be possible to move the view from the third person.

What will happen to ArcheAge 1 after the release of ArcheAge 2?

The developers plan to continue supporting ArcheAge 1 after the release of ArcheAge 2 for as long as possible. The production of major updates will continue uninterrupted.

ArcheAge 2 platforms and release date

Initially, XL Games planned to release the game exclusively on PC, but later in a 2020 interview, CEO Choi Kwang-ho stated that he would like to combine the project on PC, consoles and mobile devices.

In 2022, information appeared about the release of the project on PC and consoles with a hint of cross-platform. Development is carried out simultaneously, however, due to some production circumstances, one of the versions may be released earlier.

The release date for the MMORPG ArcheAge 2 is scheduled for 2024.

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