All known information about the game AutoChess MOBA

A couple of months ago, the developers of the mobile MOBA AutoChess MOBA finally started sharing details about the game. The team publishes blogs, demonstrates gameplay and answers user questions. In this article, we have collected for you all the most important information known at the moment.

  • AutoChess MOBA takes place in the universe of the auto-battler Auto Chess, created on the basis of the user map Dota Auto Chess for DOTA 2. The authors of the modification were engaged in the development.
  • The announcement of AutoChess MOBA took place on January 9, 2021.
  • The game will be released on Google Play, TapTap (Android) and App Store (iOS). Nothing is known about the PC version yet.
  • The top and bottom lines are asymmetrical. On the top T3, the tower is closer to your base, and on the bottom, the opposite is true. Creep crossing points are also different.
  • The map includes 1040 destructible trees, 18 creep camps and 12 high rise platforms.
  • Trees can be destroyed in order to increase visibility, but over time they grow back.
  • The map has a cycle of day and night, affecting the view. In the future, the time of day will also affect the abilities of some characters.
  • Creeps come in different sizes. Sometimes they become stronger, but at the same time they give more gold and experience.
  • The team that captures the lighthouse is rewarded with gold and a bonus to buffs. Also, the lighthouse opens a view in a large radius. In addition, you can teleport to it.
  • The competition for the lighthouse plays an important role in the outcome of the battle.
  • Most heroes in AutoChess MOBA have four skills. One is taken from Auto Chess, and the rest are designed by the developers, taking into account the game balance, logic and impressions of the gameplay in general.
  • Heroes do not have initial basic skills. Instead, there are active equipped items, which can be no more than three. Among them: blink, mass control, immunity to damage and cooldown of skills. The choice of active items allows you to create different styles of play.
  • Initially, the developers wanted to completely transfer the design of heroes from Auto Chess to AutoChess MOBA, but this idea was abandoned. Now 3D models are not so cartoonish, but more realistic.
  • There are several races in the world of Auto Chess that can be divided into two camps: the Sacred Alliance, represented by Deities, Feathers, and Humans, and the Demon Legion, represented by Demons, Glacier, and Goblins.
  • The map uses two different graphic and color designs to make the camps stand out.
  • All heroes are unlocked for free when they rank up.
  • There are skins in the game – they do not provide an increase in characteristics.
  • Voice chat and many other social features are available in AutoChess MOBA.
  • The game has a teleportation mechanism that takes the hero directly to the lane. However, a certain amount of time must pass before reuse.
  • You can buy items while on the line and deliver them using a courier.
  • After killing the Archaic Lord, a reincarnation item drops out, which allows you to be reborn on the spot after the death of the one who picks it up. A debuff is also applied to the turrets and minions of the enemy team.
  • The duration of the match is at least 15 minutes.
  • Ranked Mode offers the following ranks: Journeyman, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Knight, and Queen. The first five of them are divided into nine levels, and the sixth – into three. The last rank has no division.
  • The game does not have a separate role for the forester, and each hero can go to the “jungle”. However, some roles deal with creeps better (for example, the assassin will clear the jungle faster than the support hero). There are also special items for the forest.
  • Players can add friends from all over the world and play together. There are no server restrictions.

Minimum system requirements (may change by release):

  • Android – 6-core processor (2 GHz or higher, ARMv8-A 64 bit), 3 GB of RAM or higher, screen resolution of 1280×720 or higher.
  • iOS – iPhone 8 and above.

Finally, we publish several videos on AutoChess MOBA.

Cinematic trailer:

Gameplay trailer:

Gameplay from alpha:

Fog of war:

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