All Secrets of DOOM Eternal: Bloody Super Nest (Walkthrough)

We tell you about all the secrets in the fourth mission of DOOM Eternal: cheat codes, Codex, mod-bots, toys, tokens, albums.

There are even more collectibles in the fifth story mission. You can easily walk past most of them. In some secret caches, the developers hid several collectibles at once. That is, skipping one place, you immediately deprive yourself of a couple of items. However, we will indicate the location of each such little thing!

A total of 23 collectibles can be found in the Bloody Super Nest Demon Nest area. There are also secret skirmishes, and the gates of the Executioner.

At the end of the mission, the fast travel option is activated, and you can re-search every corner of the map. The task will be simplified by an automap. You can find it after you turn on the first of two generators designed to destroy the heart of the nest.

All collectibles in the Bloody Super Nest mission:

  • Codex Pages 1. Jump on the first train, climb up the crumbling ledge of the road and look for the page there.
  • Toy 1. There are crossbars in the room with the fleshy column. Use both to find the toy.
  • Mod-bot 1. Climbing up the wall in the next room, you will see a hologram. A mod-bot is hidden around the corner. If you see a board that says Star Mall, then turn around and jump over the gap to the other side.
  • Toy 2. In the arena with the hideous tooth crusher, look out for the crossbars on either side of the descending and ascending column. Swing on any of them and jump into the niche from above. Immediately turn around and jump into another room.
  • Praetorian’s Token 1. One of the teleporters in the room where you need to destroy the totem of cruelty will lead you to a room where there is a statue of a praetorian in the corner. Take her token!
  • Rune 1. After using the yellow key on the door, turn right and use the booster to get to the rune.
  • Cheat code 1. Go left from the ledge with three multi-colored key slots. Drop down to the next platform, turn around and look towards the key slots. In a meaty structure, a hole can be found on the side wall. Break through it to find a floppy disk with a code.
  • Codex Page 2. From the wall that you can climb up, located on the left side of the arena with three key slots, follow up and enter the building with the inscription Ivan. This path will lead to the Code page. Through this room you can go back to the giant column of meat.
  • Guardian Crystal 1. After descending into the elevator shaft, kill the enemies and turn left. In the corner is a Guardian Crystal.
  • Code Page 3. In the room where you see the machine gun behind armored glass, there is a Codex page in the corner.
  • Guardian Battery 1. When you get the isolation suit, move to the right and follow the acid tunnel all the way to the end. Climb up to the ledge against the wall and take the Sentinel Battery.
  • Toy 3. From the previous battery of Guardians, go down to the bottom of the radioactive pit. Follow the right to find a toy and a portal leading to the battery.
  • Praetorian’s Token 2. After receiving the red bloody key, return to the room where you first received the insulating suit. This time go left to find a statue with a token at the end of the path.
  • Mod-bot 2. Before entering the teleporter in the meat room next to the generator. Press the button, and then go behind the left wall, where the mod-bot is hidden.
  • Praetorian’s Token 3. Having dealt with the second totem of cruelty, jump over further with the help of the crossbars to the left path. Accelerate to the wall and climb to the upper platform. There is a token to the left of the block being moved.
  • Guardian Battery 2. Once you’re in the next room with the hologram, behind the Super Mario Bros. style flame pillars, look for the battery on the left side.
  • Album 2. Before breaking the wall behind the hologram, go forward past it and jump over the window frame to the second pair of rotating bars. You will land on a plate platform.
  • Rune 2. Break through the wall behind the hologram and follow the path to the rune.
  • Praetorian’s Token 4. After pressing the button in the radioactive pit, return to the opened passage with teeth to find a descent into the next pit. Move along the walls without falling down. While on the third wall, jump to the next one, turn around and see a ledge with a token. Take it.
  • Album 1. After receiving the blue bloody key, go through the doors ahead, opening them with it. You will return to an open location with a giant column. Open it with the blue key and jump up with the trampoline. Fly in the opposite direction from the nearest building, to another house with a destroyed wall. There is an album.
  • Praetorian’s Token 5. After opening the blue door, go to the room with the slamming column (you have already been there). Find a breakable wall, destroy it and jump onto the meaty column with extra life. The column will lower, two side niches will open. In one of them there will be a knight with a token, and kicks will pop out of the other.
  • Guardian Battery 3. Use the blue key to reach the ramp inside the large meaty pillar in the center of one of the two open locations. Jump up, cling to the wall and climb into the building. Open the door and jump into the hole, killing the monster ahead. Keep searching the floor to get a battery.
  • Executioner’s Gate and Executioner’s Key. Look for the key to the Executioner’s Gate in the same room as the previous Battery of Guardians. From here, it will be possible to jump off the building and reach the Executioner’s Gate ahead.

Secret skirmishes

  • Secret skirmish 1. One of the teleporters in the room where you’re trying to find the first Cruelty Totem will lead to a Secret Encounter Altar.
  • Secret skirmish 2. In the area where you will find an insulating suit and, by jumping up with the help of the crossbars, you will break the grate to get into the ventilation, you will fall into the area with fireballs. Jump to the ledge on the right, then climb the wall and get to the top floor. There will be an altar here.

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