All secrets of DOOM Eternal: Committee Complex (walkthrough)

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We talk about all the secrets in the fifth mission of DOOM Eternal: cheat codes, Codex, mod-bots, toys, tokens, albums.

In the sixth mission of DOOM Eternal, there are many collectibles hidden in caches. And we talk about all of them below!

All collectibles in the “Committee Complex” level:

  • Toy 1. In the first battle on the level, you will see how the enemy breaks through the glass. Jump there and take the toy.
  • Praetorian’s Token 1. Fight off two large enemy waves and go down the ladder. After going down, look on the left for a store with the inscription Shuz. Turn right and break the glass to collect the token.
  • Gate and Key of the Executioner. On the way to the first cannon, you will climb the floors of the building, where several enemies will break through the glass. Climb even higher up the stairs to find an automap. Look left. Jump to the wall on the right hand, then push off from it and fly over to the opposite side. There will be a key to the Executioner’s Gate. Go to the automap and unlock the Executioner’s Gate. For passing the test you will be given a heavenly key.
  • Toy 2. From the automap, double jump to the opposite side to find a toy there.
  • Guardian Battery 1. This battery is lying around in the same place as the previous toy described above.
  • Mod-bot 1. Instead of climbing the stairs behind you and going to the automap, turn right at the broken window. There you will see a mod-bot.
  • Cheat code 1. Use the crossbars behind the broken window, outside the building, to get over to the neighboring high-rise building. The first room will have a hole in the floor. After killing the enemies, jump down and take the floppy disk with the code.
  • Mod-bot 2. The second mod bot is on the right after you go up the stairs. Go past the pedestal and break through the wall to reveal a room with a drone.
  • Codex Page 1. After jumping into the next building, follow the rubble on the left and break through the wall. Climb to the top of the stairs to find the page.
  • Guardian Crystal 1. About halfway down the stairs from the previous Codex page, there is a wall with a hole in it. Jump there and take the crystal.
  • Praetorian’s Token 2. Climb up the buildings using the rungs until you reach the next hologram. There will be a knight around the corner.
  • Codex Page 2. After jumping into the plane’s cargo hold, keep moving higher and higher until you’re on the first floor of the next building (the floor isn’t actually the first, but the bottom of the three available). Turn left and go to the far end to pick up the page.
  • Praetorian’s Token 3. From this page, make a double dash jump across the gap to the other side, where there will be a knight with a token.
  • Toy 3. Climb to the second floor and turn left to find a toy.
  • Rune 1. When you go down into the hole in the burning building, look for the rune there.
  • Code Page 3. In the lobby of Mario’s A La Carte Restaurant, look around the room and find a computer desk hidden in an alcove. There is a Code page.
  • Guardian Battery 2. After firing the first cannon, take the elevator down and look for a room with a battery at the far end.
  • Code page 4. From the battery room, follow the story marker. A trap will appear on the floor in one of the rooms. Jump down and look around to find the page.
  • Praetorian’s Token 4. From the Codex page, follow the hole in the wall and turn right to find another knight with a token.
  • Rune 2. Continue moving further out of the room where there was a hole in the floor. At the end of the corridor, another part of the floor will collapse. Turn left and jump over the rubble to collect the rune.
  • Guardian Battery 3. In the pit with a purple bottom, after hitting the block, jump up to the crossbar and fly from it to the right (you need to turn around in the air using dashes). You will reach a ledge with a battery.
  • Code Page 5. After you press the button in the control room, go back the way you came here (don’t rush to follow the marker through the other door on the left!). At the far end was a previously locked door. But now it’s open, and there’s a Codex page behind it.
  • Album 1. Scroll down from the Codex page and turn right to see some aggregates. In the corner, behind the boxes, there is an album.
  • Album 2. When entering the parking lot, turn left to find an audio recording. To the right is the room with the second album.
  • Praetorian’s Token 5. In the same parking lot, a mancubus will break through the door. This will happen one floor below. Behind this door is a niche with a token.

Secret skirmishes

  • Secret skirmish 1. From the second page of the Codex, double jump and dash to cross the chasm and use the altar of the secret skirmish.
  • Secret skirmish 2. Scroll down from the fifth page of the Codex and turn right to see several devices. There will also be an altar of a secret skirmish.

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