All secrets of DOOM Eternal: Core of Mars (walkthrough)

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We tell you about all the secrets in the sixth mission of DOOM Eternal: cheat codes, Codex, mod-bots, toys, tokens, albums.

There are 20 collectibles in the seventh story mission of DOOM Eternal. In addition, you will find secret skirmish altars and the Executioner’s Gate.

All collectibles of the Mars Core mission:

  • Rune 1. When you go through the teleporter and kill the Baron of Hell, move through the door at the back to find the rune.
  • Guardian Battery 1. Following the outside of the base, you will see two cannons firing from different directions. This is where you’ll encounter the Pain Elemental for the first time in the main campaign (secret skirmishes and Executioner’s Gate don’t count). Climb down the opened shaft and jump onto the platform with the battery on the other side of the story marker.
  • Praetorian’s Token 1. The mine will lead you to a room with a generator. There are descending and rising capsules. Climb up and jump to the knight with the token hidden on the other side of the room.
  • Codex Page 1. At the top of the room, move through the vents and turn left to find the page.
  • Praetorian’s Token 2. After you get the BFG-9000 and jump into the teleport, move to the next large area. After the first major battle, a hole will open. Go down through it and pay attention to the wall with a crack. Jump and move along the perimeter of the building to the left to find a knight with a token.
  • Toy 1. After taking the elevator up, you will find the control room for the ion catapult. Use it, then go through the door behind the hero. You will find a toy.
  • Rune 2. There will be a rune on the way to the ion catapult. Difficult to miss!
  • Cheat code 1. After you move to another building on the ion catapult, continue moving until you find a path leading down. Move there, destroy the tentacles and you will see a booster on the right. Use it to get to the cheat code.
  • Praetorian’s Token 3. Opposite the room where the cheat code was, there is a room with tentacles and capsules. Go through it and turn into a side room. Climb up the boxes to the knight with the token.
  • Album 1. From the token, jump onto the rungs in front, use the booster to go back and squeeze through the hole in the ceiling. There is an album.
  • Toy 2. Continue using the rungs in the tentacle room, but this time go down into the hole. Go through the door marked Maintenance 02 and use the teleporter. You need to go in the opposite direction of the story marker. Use the booster ahead to get into the room with the toy.
  • Praetorian’s Token 4. After destroying the Baron of Hell, climb up the platforms to get to the first aid kit. Then dash jump towards the knight with the token.
  • Guardian Battery 2. In the Union Airspace chimney-like facility, jump to the booster and use the bar to climb up the platforms. Jump up and take the battery.
  • Guardian Crystal 1. After the accelerator in Union Airspace, enter the door ahead to find a crystal next to the control panel.
  • Gate and Key of the Executioner. In the second room with tentacles, go to the control panel. Click on the button to make a platform appear in the next room. Go back, go up to the platform and break the ventilation grate on the right. This will take you to the key to the Executioner’s Gate. The Gates themselves are nearby.
  • Album 2. Using the same platform as the Executioner’s Gate Key, break the grate on the left. This ventilation will lead you to the album.
  • Toy 3. From the second room with tentacles, go down through the hole in the floor, immediately turn left and break the ventilation grate. Use the booster to get to the room with the toy.
  • Guardian Battery 3. Once you reach the surface of Hell, drop down to the ledge and turn right to see the battery.
  • Codex Page 2. After reaching the surface of Hell, continue down the path to see the Codex page.
  • Praetorian’s Token 5. Again on the surface of Hell. Go left instead of the destructible object on the right. You will find a knight with a token.

Secret skirmishes

  • Secret skirmish 1. Next to the second Praetorian token described above. It is available after obtaining the BFG-9000 and using the teleporter. Go to the big area. After the first major fight, a hole will open. Climb down and look at the wall with a crack. Jump and dash to the left to find a secret skirmish altar.
  • Secret skirmish 2. Use the crossbars in the room with the pods and tentacles. Climb down the hole, go through the Maintenance 02 door and enter the teleporter. In the opposite direction of the story marker, there is a secret skirmish altar.

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