All secrets of DOOM Eternal: Taras Nabad (walkthrough)

We talk about all the secrets in the eighth mission of DOOM Eternal: cheat codes, Codex, mod-bots, toys, tokens, albums

This quest will again have a huge number of collectibles, namely 25. This is the last mission that has the Executioner’s Gate. If you collected the previous keys, then after completing this task you will be able to unlock the secret weapon!

All collectibles of the mission “Taras Nabad”

  • Codex Page 1. At the very beginning, jump onto a large platform and look for an item on the left side.
  • Guardian Battery 1. From the Codex page, climb down the edge of the platform and smash the wall to get a battery.
  • Album 1. Go through the large doors, jump across the gap and accelerate in the opposite direction – back to where you came from. There is an album on the platform behind the big doors.
  • Praetorian’s Token 1. After climbing up the wall, before falling into the hole on the right and into the large courtyard, look on the left for a knight with a token.
  • Guardian Battery 2. In the large courtyard where you first fight the archviel, climb up the stairs at the far end and go to the right corner. There is a statue with a broken leg against the wall. Hit it to see the button. Click on the button to open the door to the hanging load. Climb the wall on the side, jump to the cargo and destroy the chain holding it. Jump into the hole with the battery.
  • Master’s Token 1. After clearing the large courtyard, go to the secret skirmish altar, which is hidden nearby, but do not rush to activate it. Look to the left and click on the green button on the statue. A gate will open on the side, so you can go into the niche and pick up the master token. The Master Token will allow you to upgrade your weapon to the maximum level without having to complete the Master Level challenge.
  • Praetorian’s Token 2. When you swim through the radioactive water, near the place where you emerge, look for a knight with a token.
  • Codex Page 2. After the first radioactive pool, kill the enemies in the new courtyard and look to the side for the Codex page.
  • Toy 1. In the same place where they found the page of the Code, there is a statue with a cracked leg on the side. The same as in the first courtyard. Hit it and press the button. Stand on the platform that appeared on the stairs to open the toy stash. Take the item by going down.
  • Code Page 3. After the cutscene, follow the story path until you find the Codex page.
  • Gate and Key of the Executioner. After leaving the radioactive water, using the mobile unit, turn left at the crossroads. In front of the gate is the Executioner’s Key.
  • Cheat code 1. After the next big room behind the radioactive water pit, go up the stairs and smash the wall on the left. There is a cheat code and a secret skirmish altar.
  • Guardian Battery 3. Before you pull the handle of the Crucible out of the Titan’s chest, turn around and see the battery behind.
  • Code page 4. Before pulling the hilt of the Crucible from the Titan’s chest in the left corner behind you, look for the Codex page.
  • Praetorian’s Token 3. Jump over the legs of the dead Titan, from whose chest you need to pull the handle of the Crucible, and look for a statue with a token there.
  • Toy 2. Break the wall to the right of the aforementioned token to reveal the toy.
  • Praetorian’s Token 4. After using the elevator, after going upstairs and fighting the demons in the narrow area, go around and look for the knight with the token.
  • Code Page 5. Jump off the balcony, but don’t rush to move to the next one. Instead, turn around and look for the page on the right.
  • Guardian Crystal 1. After jumping off the balcony, turn around and find the crystal on the left.
  • Code page 6. Unlock the vault and look for the Codex page in the main room.
  • Praetorian’s Token 5. After you bring down the suspended load in the throne room, breaking a hole, go down the elevator. Look in the round room for a knight with a token.
  • Toy 3. This is your headache. Not only at this level, but throughout the game. behind the knight with the token in the round room there is a huge pit that you have to jump into. It is very high, and at about half its height there is a lattice with a crack. You must fall, at high speed, break the grate and fly into the niche to get the toy. You will have to make several attempts, so ideally you need to get to the end of the level, when fast travel becomes available. Then, port to the throne room and repeat the procedure until you take the item.
  • Code page 7. Climb the second wall after exiting the last radioactive pool, kill the demons and go forward to find the page.
  • Master’s Token 2. Go to the last room to find the token. He’s not hidden at all.

Secret skirmishes

  • Secret skirmish 1. In a large courtyard where a major battle awaits you. Look to the left if you’re facing a tall statue that you need to move.
  • Secret skirmish 2. In the same room as the cheat code above.

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