All secrets of DOOM Eternal: Urdak (walkthrough)

doom 1 All secrets of DOOM Eternal: Urdak (walkthrough)

We talk about all the secrets in the eleventh mission of DOOM Eternal: cheat codes, Codex, mod-bots, toys, tokens, albums

There are 14 collectibles and 2 secret skirmishes in this quest. More on this below!

All collectibles of the Urdak mission:

  • Codex Page 1. Go through the door and turn left to see the page.
  • Master’s Token 1. After using the booster, open the door by shooting the panel while jumping. Turn around and shoot at the green panel on the ceiling, which is only visible from this side. Jump onto the wall that appears and climb up to get to the token.
  • Codex Page 2. A little later, jumping on the floating sarcophagi, you will climb the ledges. On the way up, look for the page.
  • Album 1. From the previous page, you need to turn around and jump over the abyss ahead. Break the wall and take the album.
  • Album 2. After you hit the statue, go up into the ventilation. When you get to the vent, turn around and use the bar to swing towards the vinyl record on the other side.
  • Master’s Token 2. After hitting the statue and climbing up to the vent, jump onto the ledge and turn around to find the master’s token.
  • Code Page 3. After the showdown with Doomhunter, look for a crossbar that will allow you to get to the switch. Hit it and look for the page.
  • Toy 1. When you have to line up the rings, look to the right from the edge of the platform and get to the hole in the rock where the toy is. Behind it will be a portal that allows you to go back.
  • Praetorian’s Token 1. After defeating the Marauder, go to the back of the area. There are stones in the right corner. Jump on them, make a dash to the ledge on the right. after breaking the wall, take the token.
  • Toy 2. After loading VEGA, jump over the boosters, kill the demons and move on. Go under the ledge, turn around and see the stones on the left. Use them to get to the top with the toy.
  • Code page 4. Jump off the ledge and keep walking forward. You will find the Code page.
  • Toy 3. After activating the second ring, take the elevator up and go outside through the door. Turn left and jump around the corner to find the toy.
  • Praetorian’s Token 2. Use the boosters to get to the third control panel. Deal with the Tyrant and other demons, go through the door and look for a knight with a token in the back of the room.
  • Cheat code 1. After activating the third ring, go outside through the door on the left. Approach the platform with boosters, but don’t use it. Turn around and look in the opposite direction. You can jump to the ledge on the right. There will be a breakable wall. Break through it and take the disc with the code.

Secret skirmishes

  • Secret skirmish 1. After going through several ventilations, you will find a zombie, a kakodemon, a pain elemental and other enemies below. After killing everyone, return to the ventilation through which you got here. Push the block and use it to climb into the hole from above, at the opposite end of the corridor. In front of the statue to hit.
  • Secret skirmish 2. When you get the fourth page of the Codex described above, use the boosters to get to the new building. Clear the area of ​​enemies and look at the open window in the back. Break the breakable wall to the right of the crossbars.

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