Almora Darkosen is compared to Diablo, is it really so?

A Polish solo developer is about to port Almora Darkosen to iOS. What do Android gamers think?

Almora Darkosen is an unusual slasher that has been in development for 9 years. In 2020, the game was released on Google Play, since then it has received high reviews – 4.7 stars out of 5. Some even compare it with the Diablo series, although this is not entirely true. I note that Almora is worked out to the smallest detail – the hero collects equipment, herbs for potion, ore and fights with forest beetles. Gradually, we open portals for fast travel, plus we take mercenaries into the squad. Almora Darkosen must sign out on iOS in February or March of this year.

Features Almora Darkosen

Despite the fact that the developer is a Pole, the project has been translated into Russian. The plot is divided into more than 100 quests, including main and additional. If you like to collect rare items, then the game offers more than 1,500 items. You can also mine ores and dig for treasure. As in Diablo, the developer made an inventory with a “deposit”, that is, you can leave unnecessary items for later. Well, the collection of materials is done for a reason, because the game still has a crafting function. Well, the icing on the cake – mini-games.

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