Almost 80 thousand nostalgic at the same time – Grand Chase is in demand, but the reviews are mixed

Who would have thought that there would be so many people wishing to return to the Grand Chase? Judging by statistics from SteamCharts, the maximum peak online a day after the restart was almost 80 thousand people, namely 79,883. High-budget novelties cannot always boast of such a result, and it is a great success to restart the closed game in 2005. However, is everything really that good?

If you go to the list of reviews on Steam, a different picture emerges. Grand Chase has a large number of negative reviews, and only 65% ​​positive. While many of them talk about technical problems that can be fixed over time, a significant part is related to the game itself. Basically, users scold the restart for the fact that it has more grind and Pay-to-Win elements.

The original Grand Chase closed in 2015. The relaunch took place on July 28, 2021 by KOG Games. This is the classic version and does not contain any graphical changes.

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