AMD looks forward to a bright near future. In five years, the company’s revenue should more than double

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AMD is on the rise now. Its stocks are up, financials are excellent, and future products inspire confidence that things will only get better for the foreseeable future.

And if the relevant analysts’ opinions may not be indicative for many, it is worth looking at AMD’s financial outlook for the next five years.

AMD looks forward to a bright near future.  In five years, the company's revenue should more than double

There is a forecast for the average annual growth rate of revenue and the revenue itself. At the end of this year, AMD expects to gain $ 9.3 billion, showing an increase of 38%. In the next five years, growth rates are expected to be less impressive but still tangible: from 13% to 23%.

As a result, AMD expects to gain $ 22 billion in 2025, to more than double the figure. Of course, this is very far from Intel or Nvidia’s indicators, but it is the stable growth that is more important here.

It can also be noted that AMD is approaching the $ 100 per share milestone and has already passed the $ 100 billion mark in market capitalization. Now the figure is $ 113 billion, and the growth for the month was 22%.

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