Among Us Guide: How to Win as Crew Members

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Since there are more crew members in each match than impostors, their chances of winning are correspondingly higher.

However, things are much more complicated in practice, as poor communication and paranoia can quickly turn you and your teammates against each other. In this guide, we will give tips that should help you win as crew members in Among Us.

In fact, there are many different strategies for winning as crew members in Among Us. There are many tools in the game that will help you and your teammates determine who the impostor is. We’ve highlighted the most helpful tips below:

Stick together

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One of the best ways to keep yourself or a teammate safe from a traitor is to stick together as much as possible. If you are accompanied by at least one other crew member, the impostor will not be able to create anything without revealing himself. The size of the groups depends on the number of imposters in the match and on the number of team members.

Of course, this strategy has its drawbacks. First, you cannot be sure that any member of your group is innocent until proven otherwise. Secondly, it will take much more time to complete tasks and repair damaged equipment. Finally, traitors can still destroy the group if the latter are not well coordinated.

Watch how other players complete tasks

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Every time you see a crew member standing in the task area, wait a couple of seconds to see if the green bar at the top of the screen actually goes up (shows the overall progress of the missions). If you notice that the bar fills up too fast or doesn’t fill up at all, then it’s safe to assume it’s an impostor. At the very least, you should call a meeting and get the message across to other team members.

Use emergency meetings wisely

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Emergency meetings are a great way to share important information with teammates before a traitor can take you out. They can be initiated by reporting a discovered corpse or by pressing the red button in the center of the cafeteria. Remember that the number of button presses is limited depending on the host settings.

Provide valid evidence during the meeting, but be prepared for your own status to be questioned as well. Be honest and open with your teammates, as building trust will help identify potential traitors. Pay attention to any inaccuracies in statements made by other teammates, such as a false claim that they were in a certain area or were on missions at the time of the kill.

Leave visual tasks for later

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Another great way to determine who the impostor is is to watch other players and see who is actually doing the tasks, since the traitors themselves cannot complete them. However, try to refrain from visual tasks such as taking out the trash, scanning and destroying asteroids, as they can easily disprove any accusations that come along the way.

The same goes for crew members; if a particular player is accused multiple times, ask them about visual challenges to get evidence. If you see one of the crew members performing a visual task, then be sure to vouch for them if they are charged during the meeting. This will help establish trust between teammates as well as get rid of impostors.

Always repair damaged equipment

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Never rely on your teammates when it comes to repairing damaged equipment! If you are not playing with a trusted group, it is worth assuming that other players will not repair what is needed. If you miss this moment, then something as simple as turning off the lights will cause your team to die instantly.

In addition, fixing some types of sabotage requires the presence of two players, such as sabotaging the reactor and oxygen. This is where the first tip (stay in groups) comes in handy, as you should have more than enough team members to fix anything that got corrupted. The fewer players left, the more difficult it is to deal with sabotage, so try to stick together.

Don’t forget to check the cameras

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The cameras located in the monitoring room on the Skeld map are a useful tool for tracking the whereabouts of crew members. By opening the menu, you will be shown real-time videos of the corridors, the first-aid post and the guards.

Be aware that more experienced traitors can recognize when they are being followed, as the camera’s light will start flashing every time it is used. A good strategy is to return to the cameras every couple of minutes to check what each player is up to. Thus, you can catch a traitor red-handed.

Avoid chat spam

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Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts in the chat about who might be an impostor and who might not. However, think about what has already been decided and limit your answers to only what is needed. The fact that you write “Where?” for the fifth time. in the chat, will not help the investigation in any way, but will only allow the impostor to go unnoticed.

Instead, always try to provide useful observations and theories backed by evidence. Of course, you cannot control the behavior of your teammates. Let’s say that some player continues to write nonsense in the chat or make random accusations without evidence. In this case, it might be better to just downvote it. Sometimes it’s easier to have fewer team members than a toxic player.

Don’t be afraid to miss the vote

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Oftentimes, you will notice that the majority of crew members vote for whoever was charged first, regardless of any additional evidence. If you personally witnessed how one of them used the vent or killed another player, then by all means vote against him.

However, if all there is is mere speculation from an already dubious source, it’s best to wait for more information.

Better yet, consider skipping the vote altogether, as it can count against other players’ votes and sometimes prevent innocent people from being launched into space. Don’t forget to tell other players how you plan to vote, as this may convince them to do the same.

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